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Cars Converted to Carrera Digital

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  • Cars Converted to Carrera Digital

    I am starting a thread for cars that have been converted to run on Carrera Digital.

    It can be any car that is converted to run on Carrera Digital:
    Carrera Evolution, Scalextric, SCX, Fly, etc..

    Usually it is not that hard to chip a car, but I is still nice to see examples of cars other people have done.
    The first thing I do when thinking of getting a car that is not digital or digital ready is find pictures of it to see how hard it will be to do.
    So if we share the projects we have done it will be a good resource and starting point for others to use. Everybody looks at a project differently, so we can see different ways we use to get the cars converted.
    Lets see what you have.

    Added links for help in chipping cars:

    Posted by Spraggih
    Compilation of Digital Chipping Thread (as of April 2012)

    Posted by OldStrombeckerGuy
    Carrera #26732 Digital Chip Template

    Links from this thread and my gallery to Cars that I have chipped:

    Carrera Cars:

    Post #123 Ford Torino / Carrera Evolution Torinos Converted to D132

    Post #189 Plymouth Cudas / Beater 'Cuda / Carrera Evolution 'Cuda's Converted to D132

    Post #816 Ferrari GTC / Ferrari GTC converted to D132

    Post #829 Carrera Viper / Carrera Viper Converted to D132

    Post #1019 F1 Club Edition 2003 / F1 Club Edition 2003

    Not posted Maserati MC 12


    Post #2 SCX Plymouth AAR Cuda /


    Post #167 Monogram Corvette / Monogram Corvette Converted to D132

    Post #527 Revell '67 Plymouth / REVELL '67 DODGE and PLYMOUTH STOCK CARs CONVERTED TO D132
    Post #961 Revell '66 Dodge Charger

    Racer Sideways

    Post #504 Sideways DP / Racer Sideways Dallara #10


    Pioneer Charger / Pioneer Charger / Pioneer Charger To Carrera Digital
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    SSCX Plymouth AAR Cuda converted to Carrera Digital

    SCX AAR Cuda
    I just finished up this car last weekend. When this car first came out I wanted to get it, but was not sure how easy it would be to put a chip in it.
    The way SCX cars run power to the motor is a little different than I am used to. It turned out to be a fairly easy job to get this car converted. I posted two pictures and a video, the video is more of a slide show with a little video of the car doing a couple of laps.


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      A cool video, a cool track, and great to see a project I had a hand in at SCX converted to Carrera Digital. Thanks for posting this!


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        Great thread idea, Randy!
        Btw, in the video, was the Cuda serving a pit drive-through penalty? He didn't stop for fuel or tires!


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          A cool video, a cool track, and great to see a project I had a hand in at SCX converted to Carrera Digital.
          Thanks Dave
          SCX has done a great job on this Cuda, it is a good looking car that runs well.

          Btw, in the video, was the Cuda serving a pit drive-through penalty? He didn't stop for fuel or tires!
          He is a new driver and didn't know he wasn't suppose to drive thru the pits



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            A click on "my gallery" will show some SCX Compact and Carrera "GO" cars converted with Carrera digital chips.

            Not to difficult...


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              Nice job, looks lots better than my hack jobs. So far, I've done a Lancia LC2, a SCX Areo NASCAR and I'm working on an SCX Audi R8. My SCX's weren't as convienient as yours. I wanted to do a guide swap on the NASCAR also, and on the Audi, the power strips were in the same area as the LED, so I'm doing a guide swap there too. I'll try to post some pictures in the coming days.


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                Here's my first successful conversion... an SCX Nascar. It was quite an experience. I was a little "off" with the LED hole, burnt my finger on the soldering iron , and the purple wire came off the chip. I was worried I'd damage the chip soldering the wire back on, but the car works fine!

                Hope to become as efficient as Randy with some more practice. Awesome Cuda conversion!
                I will probably chip an SCX Ferrari next.


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                  These are the cars I have converted
                  Group Pic

                  Carrera Cuda

                  My favorite's are the Carrera Cuda and the Fly March I just love the way they run. March took the most work I do not think I will ever attempt anohter one. Requires filing the chip to make room for front body mount removing resistor and wiring back in behind cockpit legs and most of body seat removed from driver. General Lee was probably the easiest lots of room for a chip no cockpit mods needed. TheFly 917's are easy but no room for the original driver The Nsr and slot it's are a little harder to do if you still want movement in the motor pod


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                    Wow - that Cuda's paint job is absolutely gorgeous!

                    Oh, and the chip work looks clean and efficient. Nice work.


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                      Loved reading thru this thread. Great for newbies like myself that can learn what can be done. Keep 'em coming guys


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                        Sabata nice job!!
                        Have you run this car with the Carrera COTs, I wonder how they compare?


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                          Hickser, no wonder there is a replacement chip shortage, you have them all!
                          Seriously that is a nice group of cars!!!
                          I like that Cuda the best, I like the way it looks lowered all the way down like that. I have chipped that Cuda too, but it doesn't look as cool as yours



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                            i ve just begun to convert cars to carrera digital and this was my first.... seemed really easy to do and did not require shuffling with the chassis and driver....


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                              Great thread. Anyone convert Ninco or Autoart?