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Question about curves

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  • Question about curves

    Hi Guys
    Can someone explane how the number codes on 124 track works.
    Manley the curves like 1/30, 2/30,1/60 and so on????

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    Carrera track can be run up to 8 lanes wide. The #1 Radius is the tightest corner and the #4 is the biggest. 1/30 is a 1 radius that covers 30 degrees. 1/60 are the ones in the sets usually. If you have a 1/60 then you need 2 2/30's to equal the same degree of turn.


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      These are the flat curves.

      1. The tightest curve is the 1/60 curve (number 2 in this picture). It's the standard curve in most sets.

      2. If you'd cut the 1/60 in half you'd get the 1/30 curve, it's not a tighter curve, just half of the standard's size. The 1/30 curve is number 1 in the picture.

      3. Next is the 2/30 curve (which fits outside the 1/60 curve if you're making a 4 lane track). It's number 3 in the picture.

      4. Next is the 3/30 curve, it's number 4 in the picture.

      5. Last, and the widest radius curve is the 4/15 curve. It's number 5 in the picture.

      The 1/30 comes with 6 pieces in the box... (to make a complete 180 degree curve)
      The 1/60 comes with 3 pieces in the box... (to make a complete 180 degree curve)
      The 2/30 comes with 6 pieces in the box... (to make a complete 180 degree curve)
      The 3/30 comes with 6 pieces in the box... (to make a complete 180 degree curve)
      The 4/15 comes with 12 pieces in the box... (to make a complete 180 degree curve)


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        Very good diagram and explanation. Thanks, I know I was confused as heck a few weeks ago. Good FAQ/sticky.


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          Yeah, thanks Dave, I think I finally figured it out, but that picture really drives it home.

          If you don't mind, I have a related question related to banked curves.

          The 2/30 bank curve set comes with 6 pieces to make a 180, can I use just 3 and make a 90 or must I use all 6?

          Edit - Based on a quick search (sorry, should have done that first), it appears I can use just 3 to make a 90 degree bank.
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            Some more information:

            124 cars are usually full throttle around 3 and 4 radius curves that are flat unless the curve is at the end of a long straight.

            Banked curves that are 1 raduis will cause most cars to scrape the front and/or rear and deslot so go with 2 radius and up.


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              Thanks Guys that realy helps!!!


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                @dferrey - you are correct. You can use less than 180 degrees of banked curves. I have R2 banked curves -- 90 degrees of curve, then a couple of 1/3 straights (still banked), then the other 90 degrees of curve. Just keep in mind that it takes a couple of full straights to transition the track back to flat from a banked curve, so you can't go crazy back and forth with banked curves.


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                  Stuck to the top of the forum.


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                    The banked curves.

                    The 1/30's ( number 44 ) are the tightest curve and many very low cars will have the tendency to drag the track, which is only an issue really if you're going slow. The will fit in a space about 32" across (the track is about 8" wide and the space inside the loop created by the curves is about 16" across).

                    The 2/30's ( number 45 ) are the next curve and they're the curve that I used for this recent demo.

                    The 3/30's are the next curve, they're number 46. 6 pieces to a box with these banked curves.

                    The broadest banked curve is the 4/15 ( number 47 in the picture ) and come 12 track sections to a box.


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                      Excellent Dave - For the 1/30 you mentioned "will fit in a space about 32" across", would you mind adding that same info for the others?


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                        Using UR30 the Radius to the outside of the track is the following.
                        R1 - R = 16" full = 32"
                        R2 - R = 24" full = 48"
                        R3 - R = 32" full = 64"
                        R4 - R = 40" full = 80"
                        This is slightly high but not by much.


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                          Can digital 1/32 cars go full throttle (100% speed) around R2, R3 and/or R4 banked curves without de-slotting and flying off the edge?

                          Are outside borders necessary for D132 cars using high banked curves, or are they needed just for D124 cars?


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                            Um... well probably around the R4's I guess it's likely. But it would depend on how much run up room there is before the turn honestly.
                            On this track we can run flat out around the banking with Sideways DP's without deslotting.
                            If you check the video you will see the Carrera banking.

                            "Necessary" is a personal preference for borders, I'd personally say that every pieces of track should have a border on it. I like a wide racing surface.
                            Last edited by DaveKennedy; 05-12-2011, 12:51 PM.


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                              Thanks Dave! It looks like those were R3 and R4 high banks in the vid. If need be I guess I can restrict the speed by 10% or so if the cars do de-slot at full throttle. It's better than what I have now, running at about 40% to 50% for my son.

                              It's summer and a lot of my kids friends are gonna be using the track. I thought I'd make it easy for them since my current layout is a bit technical and difficult for the younger, inexperienced crowd. Going with a standard banked R3 oval with pit. Besides, the cars will last a tad longer as well.


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