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Compilation of Digital Chipping Thread (as of April 2012)

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    yip , just finished the 4th 140 scale conversion and had all 4 testing around the track...

    i have wifi controllers working with the system now also.

    it is possible to run 8 cars plus 4 jammers with the system. it is still in development as i get parts i need to complete it.

    the ghost car mode works perfect. pace and pit is not supported.

    the way it works is simple. the lane changer now changes motor rotation direction to drive the cars left or right clockwise and counterclockwise.

    so the original IR LED drives a bipolar transistor that turns on a FLIP FLOP relay that swaps motor polarity.

    on my boards i ditched the original IR led as well as some other parts to allow for smaller size and a diagnostic LED which shows me what the boards are doing.

    now pro-x supports 4 cars and depending on power supply 2 ghost cars. however carrera servo is a 4 rail system, so it is possible to hook up a second pro-x terminal and with a little polarity magic allow for 2 sets of 4 passing cars and 4 ghost cars running from 2 pro-x terminals and 2 separate power supplies.

    so far it works pretty well i've been having a blast.

    now due to hardware limitations. one pro-x terminal can be on wifi but the second must be on terminal wired controllers. this is due to band width limitations with the older wifi system, you only have 4 channels available with the IR wifi.
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      I created 11 cars for servo in digital format.

      8 passing cars can be used together. 2 or more jammers can be used but i recommend sticking with 2 at a time. complete freedom of lane change.

      biggest problem is scoring/ lap counting, traditional methods will not work thus you have to go to the R/C car world in the form of a transponder system with a receiver bridge over the start/finish area.
      unfortunately a transponder system will run you about 400$ and about 100$ per chip per car.
      finding a micro transponder is not impossible but they became rare due to high cost of ownership thus the market collapsed. However you can score them like the old days of R/C visually with a stopwatch and a pen and paper. Or just have some fun with the guys.

      final compact version of the chip

      the chassis


      next project: syncing the CPUS to each other.
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        Has anyone tried chipping one of the Exclusiv 1/24 scale F1 cars? I can get a used one and would really love to have a D124 F1 car. I'm just wondering if anyone had tried it and whether a normal chip would work or if I'd need an F1 chip?



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          If space was an issue I don't see why you couldn't use a 1/32 chip. 32lbKing/DynoDon and myself (when I'm on their tracks) run 18V on our 1/32 cars and there has never had an issue with blowing chips. Actually we were just talking about doing some 1/24 migets and were going to use the 1/32 chips if space was an issue. Just a thought.

          Be the pioneer...



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            My attempt to do a digital 1/24 BRM and keep the interior.

            Going to add lights next, got some coming on the slow boat from China.


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