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Identify 2 Old Carrera 1/32 Porsches

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  • Identify 2 Old Carrera 1/32 Porsches

    I received an old complete Carrera 1/32 black track set with extra track and 2 Porsche cars.
    Ist car: Porsche 911 RSR black/silver/white #00. Drivers Ted Field and Danny Ongais.
    2nd car: Porsche 935 white with black/blue/red stripe #1 Mantini.
    Does anyone know if these cars are from a Porsche Classic Limited Edition race set?
    If they are, does anyone know when this set was made? What is the set number?
    What track layout came in this set?
    Are these cars rare?
    Thanks for your help,
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    Steve, I just did some quick checking and I couldn't find any sets but the cars were available in 2003. Part numbers are 25778 and 25779. Not much but it's a start.

    All Carrera cars are here, it's in German but easy enough to translate..



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      Set-# is 25333, "Clöassic Race".

      Was a set for the 40th anniversary.
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        Those Porsche's are very rare and desirable yes!


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          They are not really that rare, and as for desirable, the newer Carrera cars are better in terms of handling and speed. The older cars are around if you want them, but not many people really want them, so the prices are relatively low these days.


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            Originally posted by DaveKennedy View Post
            Those Porsche's are very rare and desirable yes!
            It figures you would know!


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              That 40th Anniversary set is the one that got me started 8 years ago, still have both cars, and they are still fine runners


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                Carrera 40th Anniversary set 25333 Track?

                The description I found for this set says 27' of track.
                Does anyone know what track came in this set and what the set layout looks like?
                Cannot find any information on the track - layout on line.
                I received the cars and track but no instructions.
                The track I received includes:
                6 - #1 - 30 degree banked turns
                12 - #1 - 60 degree turns
                12 - straight
                2 - 1/3 straight
                2 - 1/4 straight
                1 - terminal
                1 - bridge - 2 tracks. Each is 1 1/2 standard straights in length.
                The parts that are missing are most of the support parts for the banked turn and bridge.
                Thanks for your help.