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  • Carrera AppConnect

    Anyone, I am trying to understand the carrera app connect. How do i use the "driver" mode. I think it is supposed to connect with the race control? can anyone be more specific?

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    how many cars are you trying to connect?


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      Has the Driver mode been implemented? I thought it was still coming soon?
      At the very least, I believe you need the main device to be connected as race control, and THEN you can connect other devices as driver screens.


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        Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
        Has the Driver mode been implemented? I thought it was still coming soon?
        Driver mode works on iOS. Android has race control only.


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          Back to your software Bruce, I can't believe they don't tell you that it only works in manager mode on android not really fit for purpose bad move carrera


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            Just Waiting

            When You are in the app It says in big Red letters Coming Soon!

            Its have been interesting too read the information about The App.

            I cant understand the time span at two years for this.

            Neider I can understand that as soon as yoy enter Race Managment profil Yoy update your board 20030352! You cant get it back to work with cable engaged software.

            I have two units soo it will be more easy too test. But dont like!

            I also have a German Bluetooth device, not working for this. Cant understand!


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              Are there any written guides for the Carrera app. I got the bluetooth connector and the app for my iPad. Connecting them was very simple but I am not clear about profiles. Is it possible to use driver mode if there is no device already in track mode? I haven't been able to driver mode working but I have just the one device. While I feel that I have figured out most of the app I keep feeling like I am missing something.

              One disappointment is the lack of some functions. I would love to be able to program a ghost car or assign a car to a specific controller via the app. But perhaps the programming of the car chips wouldn't allow for this functionality.