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SmartRace App for Carrera Digital 132/124 (iOS, macOS, Android)

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    New version 4.0 is out. These are the changes:
    • Added: SmartRace Analog Mode. Use SmartRace + SmartRace Connect for non-digital Slot Racing. Learn more at
    • Added: Menus and dialogs now highlight focused elements to make using remote controls a bit easier (feature#14153).
    • Added: Laps are not counted if the fuel tank is empty (normally handled by the Control Unit, feature#13541).
    • Added: Autobianchi and Holden as car makes.
    • Added: Cars can now be filtered by driven laps since last maintenance (feature#13956).
    • Added: Number of ghost cars can now be configured in races to increase the competition (feature#14076).
    • Added: The image of the current track can now be used as background image (feature#13744).
    • Added: Penalties can now be reverted or changed using the penalty dialog (feature#13996).
    • Added: Drivers might now get penalized automatically when stopping the race from SmartRace Connect (feature#13982).
    • Fixed: SmartRace Connect would sometimes announce wrong positions (issue#13558).
    • Fixed: SmartRace Connect would sometimes not get the correct fuel state/percentage (issue#13683 & #13804).
    • Fixed: Fuel tanks would sometimes not get resetted for a new race (issue#13974).
    • Fixed: Changing the display size now again affects the event data, too (issue#13801).
    • Fixed: Position tower and driver displays would sometimes show wrong positions (issue#14124).
    • Fixed: Ending an event after suspending it would trigger the start countdown again (issue#13966).
    • Fixed: Tapping a controller in the tuning dialog would un-select all controller, including the tapped one.
    • Fixed: An issue where the 'all' slider could not be used properly in the tuning dialog.
    • Fixed: Missing images in the pairings screen of championships.
    • Fixed: History dialog for entering an event title was not working correctly (issue#13960).


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      Thanks Marc

      Hey Admins - could we make this thread a sticky???


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        The new ghostcar feature sounds great!


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          Originally posted by edmagner View Post
          Thanks Marc

          Hey Admins - could we make this thread a sticky???
          Indeed, it shall be Stuck. Lotsa good info here.


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            Just wanted to say thanks for the recent updates. Really enjoying the multiple ghost cars and the analog version! Really a great app!

            Had a few wish list items for possible future updates:

            1. Is it possible to have tire wear and tire types like in F1? Maybe a soft and hard version to add to the already wet tire we currently have. Maybe the tires can affect the max. speed, so a soft tire would give you 100% speed and 100% braking of whatever your current set values are and the hard tire would be like 80% or something. Also would be great if possible to have tire wear so that both new tires and completely worn tires might have low grip in the form of reduced top speed and reduced breaking. This would affect strategy because you could produce quicker laps with the soft tires but you would have to change them more frequently. It seems like this would be possible since its very similar to how weather affects your speed.

            2. I'm not sure if this feature already exists (and please correct me if it does), but is there a way to track multiple cars in one session? I race by myself mostly and would like to run, say 5 cars, and see which car has the fastest lap time, fastest average lap time, fastest race time, etc. I'm not sure if this is currently possible other than setting each car to a different controller, (currently I only have two controllers) so this doesn't work too well right now.


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              Version 5.0 is now available. These are the changes:
              • Added: Widgets which can now be placed on the race screen to show more (selectable) information.
              • Added: SmartRace Connect will now try to start the server with the same port as last time.
              • Added: Ginetta as car make.
              • Added: Races and qualifyings can now be saved to the history automatically (configurable).
              • Added: Races and qualifyings can now be added to multiple championships (feature#14378).
              • Added: Backups can now be restored directly from the list of existing backups in the backups dialog.
              • Added: Drivers can now receive a configurable time penalty when undercutting the minimum lap time instead of having the lap deleted. This addition was funded by user @Homeland_Raceway. Thanks! (feature#14456).
              • Added: Lap times will now be calculated considering suspensions during the lap (feature#13970).
              • Fixed: An issue where ghost cars/safety cars would trigger the check lane missed laps detection.


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                New Version - 5.1
                • Added: A new version of the exchange mode for championships. The mode is now more flexible and allows for creating different combinations, e.g. having more drivers than cars or vice versa (feature#13007).
                • Added: Serial races as a championship mode where every driver has to race every controller a given amount of times (with special regards to Ray S. ;-))
                • Added: The start countdown voice over can now have a configurable offset to be exactly on time with the LEDs on the Control Unit.
                • Added: Championships can now automatically detect which races have been absolved (configurable, feature#14674).
                • Added: Chinese translations, thanks to all translators!
                • Fixed: Assignments are now included in backups (issue#14704).
                • Fixed: Several issues with displaying and moving widgets.
                • Fixed: The blue connection message will now remain hidden for two minutes instead of one.
                • Fixed: An issue where the screen would show with a dark overlay, making it impossible to use the app.
                • Fixed: Backups created on macOS Big Sur would contain broken images. Backups have to be re-created to contain valid images. Sorry for this!
                • Fixed: Laps could no longer be edited manually.


                • #98
                  Is there a minimum requirement to consider for a tablet for running? I am just thinking of hanging the tablet on a support beam I have and running directly from that. Of course, if and when I have drivers over, they can use the connect feature. Just curious as to how much I should be looking at spending on a tablet for this...



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