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Could someone please identify this thing?

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  • Could someone please identify this thing?

    They came with a couple of sets i bought and they are not mentioned in any of the directions. Do they do some thing? Help!

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    Strange, I’ve never seen that before.


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      It's a whole new concept.

      Oh, those are parts from a Carrera Olympic Slot Luge set.

      Expected to be released officially this week in Pyeongchang.


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        small risers to make a hump in a straight? or elevate before a banking?


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          I do not recognize those. Could we have a banana for scale?


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            GoPro camera mount!


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              Are They Slot Car Items!!

              Frame connectors for unibody cars , I.E. early Camaro or Mustang etc.


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                They look like holders for foam board, foam board signs. They can be used for holding up a sign/billboard in model railroading. But can't tell without knowing how big they are.

                In addition to providing a picture next to a banana or something else for scale, you might also want to include a picture that has nothing in the background, maybe even just one at a time.


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                  Is it tall enough to slide the guide into it and keep the wheels off the ground? Could be to balance the cars on it and store them on a shelf with the tires in the air...


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                    You guys are getting close I think

                    So here's some more pics and it has patent pending on the bottom of each one where I think if a Carrera part it would not. I'd expect a part number or some Deutsch at least maybe. Each is about 13 inches long too. It's compared here to a 1/32 scale Revell/Monogram Galaxie. Now, any better ideas?
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