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Is there a way to test a Control Unit for proper operation?

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  • Is there a way to test a Control Unit for proper operation?

    Purchased a replacement Control Unit 30352, was listed as new but packaging was re-tapped and not packed in packaged as new from factory but in original box. My best guess it was returned (for some reason) given a once over and re-sold as new. It does not appear to be used, and basic functions seem normal.
    However... Cannot program Check Lanes: Unit OFF, [SPEED] turn on release [SPEED] after 1st led goes solid, press [SPEED] up to four time for setting desired. Only Leds 1 or 2 will come on, as if the option is for a newer control board or version. I do remember (a ways back) that the check lanes appeared to add a lap for every sensing, that went away after a reset of the OLD control Unit. The [SPEED] button works proper when adjusting speed levels, and I have verified Check Lanes are inserted (driving direction) properly.
    Also, Fueling does not appear to work proper. Car lights will flash when low on fuel but depressing the "Lane Change button" after passing the "FUEL" sensor does not Fuel car. [Fuel] button appears to work normal when setting tank size. As a side note "Fuel" meter on Driver Display never switches from speed indicator to fuel level as if Fuel Sensor is not activated by the Control Unit.
    I'd like to know if it (Control Unit) can be somehow tested before shelling out another $75.00, this time to a trusted shop not an Ebay listing.

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    Is there a way to Factory Reset it? If possible perhaps that will help?


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      Slightly off topic, but if need be, you can get a refund on ebay if the item is not as described, even if the seller states that they do not accept returns.
      Hopefully I'm not violating any SCI rules by posting this. I don't think I am.


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        Tried the Turn Unit OFF, hold [PACE] turn ON Reset option described for Unit reset. It did not have an effect. Also seen mention to a Hard Reset (Remove Unit completely from layout and do the reset) which again had no effect. Given Carrera does not list the Circuit Board as a replacement part and today's electronic mindset of replace not repair. I think I need to just purchase another one. Bad thing is until I spend the $80 for a new one, I won't know if I really needed it or not.


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          You're making sure not to be going fast when you pass over the sensor, right? I think it's something like 50% throttle, or lower. If you are above that limit (whatever it is) when you cross the sensor, it won't let you refuel. Also, if you stop, and then pull away at more than the min speed, it will kick you out of refuel mode, even if you had already achieved it. Try again, but just at barely a crawl. Only enough to get the car moving. Put the car right after the pit lane changer, and right before the fuel sensor if you have to.

          I don't believe this limit can be altered, though. If you find that it works by going slow, but can't get the car slow enough while actually racing, then you might want to reduce the magnets (take out any shims) or remove them, and/or INCREASE the power to the car, so that you're using more of the low end of the throttle rather than the high end all the time to get the car moving.


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            Along the fueling lines, just push the car over the sensor manually and see if it will fuel. If your drivers displays are not working in fuel mode than I would think that you have an issue with the CU. Did you try the fuel switch in both the ON/Real modes?


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              Could be wrong but I think the last step in adding the check lane or pit lane is to pass the car over the sensor.