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Carrera 25413 and 25425 tires and parts help needed

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  • Carrera 25413 and 25425 tires and parts help needed


    I have these two cars (listed below) and I can't find tires for them. I'm not sure if they were special editions or what. The spare parts list on Carrera's site all have model numbers higher than 27000, and I can't find a reference to my cars there. I would greatly appreciate any help. I'm racing on plastic track.

    I'd be happy either with stock tires or after-markets. I'd love to try urethane tires. I have not had any success figuring out what tires would fit despite hours of searching, except I found a listing somewhere suggesting Indy Grips IG7003 would fit the BMW, but it wasn't totally clear that it was referring to the same car I have or a different one.

    Here are the cars in question:

    Carrera Evolution 25425 BMW V12 LMR Limited
    Carrera Evolution 25413 Porsche 911 GTI 1998 "Le Mans 98"

    I made a web page with the hub dimensions (as precisely as I could measure with the calipers I have). It's here in case it helps:

    I also can't tell what guides I should get for these.

    I reached out to a couple online slot car retailers and received answers that were really unhelpful. I just want to race, and I've spent hours just trying to figure this out.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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    The part number for those cars is the same part number actually 89114 and yes Carrera has them in stock. Contact a dealer to order them.
    Guides are 89106, yes also in stock.


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      wow, those are oldies.



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        Excellent, thanks so much for the info, Dave!

        Bruce, I got them a while back and if I recall correctly they were both clearance/closeout/last one in stock or something like that.



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