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DS racing website closed?

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  • DS racing website closed?

    I was trying to find the DS racing website for some information and found the domain to be expired. Hoping that isn't bad tidings for the company as I just dropped 700+ bucks on their stuff. Anyone else heard anything about the company?


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    It hasnt been working for some time.scaleauto have aquired the Company, but they are having a hard time, maling the site available. I dont know why !


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      Not quite right on either count

      You can relax Penguin, they aren't going anywhere

      Originally posted by Gysse View Post
      It hasnt been working for some time.scaleauto have aquired the Company, but they are having a hard time, maling the site available. I dont know why !
      ScaleAuto didn't "acquire the company", DS has always been a brand name owned by the parent company of ScaleAuto - IBB
      The DS Race control system dominates club and event slot racing in Europe. It ain't going nowhere.

      The DS Race Control systems grew out of race control for full size vehicles like go karts over a generation or more from memory. Alan would be able to give you more detail. I just forget the story.
      It was begun by the father of the two brothers who now run the company day to day, but dad is still around, and when they are busy, you can find mom helping out the shop staff during events.

      So maybe they just stopped hosting DS as a separate domain. You will find the whole DS products range within the ScaleAuto catalogue online and printed.
      HERE DS Products start on Page 96, and you can read about the new Race Control system they have in development.

      They have similarly brought their MSC rally cars back into the ScaleAuto label

      As a company they are doing well and have one of the largest new release programs out there with new GTs, rally models, improvements to the mechanics, a revised range of DS resistor controllers, and of course the biggie, 4 100mm plastic track system.
      They just hosted an Italian GT3 Championship, and their domestic events in Spain are about the biggest in the slot world. These are from the Campeonato de Espana de slot in 2016, and there were over 500 drivers competing in Road in both scales, in Rally and in Raid classes.
      The Race control screen below was about 30 - 35 feet wide - It needed to be, you could fit 4 basketball courts in the room it was serving.

      Looking towards Race Control
      - Gentlemen at right is Ivan Basos CEO of ScaleAuto, chatting with his colleague, a Mr Ferrari of Reggio Nell Emelia, Italy

      Looking down from Race Control

      And a wide shot from side on - This particular room has 4 linked 8 lane track for 32 lanes racing. Near it is an 8 lane O2 track
      There is anther room with a huge 1/24th track - about 270 feet, a room with about 8 or 10 rally tracks all with driver key card access to log in and log out to do you competing, and another with 6 RAID tracks
      The Rally room also holds a bar and cafe that seats about 80, where you can on the mezzanine and watch the rally track competition

      Pretty strong company, and very good family who are passionate about slot racing.
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        Thanks for the info. I was watching the Scale Auto Championships on facebook. At least looking at the updates they made. It would be so cool if some company would bring that level of racing to the US. I'd travel just to finish last.


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          Have a look at the Scaleracing events.

          There is a Scaleauto 1/24th 12 hour race in July and a BRM 1/24th Scale 24 hour race in November.

          Both are terrific events.


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            As mentioned DS has always been part of the IBB Racing group.

            DS product line is not disappearing they have just brought all lines under one umbrella to easier manage business going forward.
            DS and MSC have always been part of the lines they Manufacture.

            The DS line includes a great range of controllers as well as their Timing and Track accessories.

            All are available in the USA and have been for over 20 years.

            Regarding large races like the Scaleauto 24 hour Event.
            We host similar Events at our Custom build ScaleRacing Center even featuring the same track systems as used at the Scaleauto Championships.

            For these Events to mirror the Spanish Races all it takes is entries.

            The next Event is the 12 Hours of Tacoma in July, 26th -28th.

            Latest update.
            Next big race at the ScaleRacing Center is the 12 Hours of Tacoma for Scaleauto GT Cars. Also that weekend ScaleRacing/BRM Trans Am and Klasse 1 F1 racing. Click here to enter : . Races July 26th - 28th.

            Then the Annual 24 Hours of Tacoma every November.

            Check out here and facebook both the ScaleRace Center page and the US Scaleauto Events pages.

            Also we host Scaleauto Formula 1 Events aka Klasse 1.

            This is not "Field of Dreams" if you build it they will come.

            But over the last 20 + years we have hosted and promoted many races in Tacoma and across America. All it takes to make it bigger is entries.
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            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.



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              THANKS Allen
              For the real story on the DS brand.
              I'm planning on adding the DS timing on my Carrera home track.
              From what I have read it's a good system and you can add lanes as you go.
              I'm going to look on the site above to see if they have a kit with everything needed
              to get started.



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