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Putting DS Light Bridge into "City Gate"--Help/Suggestions!

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  • Putting DS Light Bridge into "City Gate"--Help/Suggestions!

    I'm building a scenic track and I have an old city/port area that comes through a city gate. I'd like to build the track timing into the city gate (see photo). Originally, I thought I could use a DS Timer, but I was looking a friend's DS Light bridge and the light bridge looks a bit complicated to take apart and build into the gate. Suggestions? Advice?
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    DS-0106 is by design adjustable.

    As the new DS light bridges are adjustable I believe this can be fairly easily done.
    I will post up some images of the components so you can see if this would work.

    Also happy to send down a DS bridge for you to check out. If it will work for you we can sell it to you, if not send it back.

    Anything we can do to help you to get your stunning Track running we will gladly do.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Thanks Alan. A few photos would probably be helpful. I was hoping to be able to drill a couple holes in the gate arch on top for the LED? light. And, I've left space for wiring in the gate. Seems like it should be doable.


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        OK took a light bridge apart to show pieces.

        Only had a 4 lane here at the Scaleracing office, but we do have the DS-0106 2 lanes in stock at the Store.
        Images coming ASAP,

        The red led is the smaller board and that would go in your bridge, these are about 3/4'' x 7/8''
        The larger board contains the photo optics and measures around 2 1/8" x 5/8"

        More images in my album under DS folder here :
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        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Images are for a DS-0107 which is 4 lane

          Just to clarify the above images are from a dismantled 4 lane bridge DS-0107 the 2 lane will only have one lead and half of the other parts, just to be clear

          Here is the DS-0106 before disassembly.

          Click on image for more info $74.99.

          Most affordable way to buy if you plan on running the DS 200 is as package.

          The package ( click on the link ) is only $249.99 and comes with the correct DS Power supply, we still get many using a Radio Shack supply which does not supply enough amperage for this system to work correctly.

          Timing Computer the DS 200 is $169.99, and the power supply DS-0051 is $24.99, if you buy parts separately.

          DS-0051 $24.99.

          All parts are available separately and of course will run on a DS 300 unit as well, 2 lane. Although the DS 200 has slightly more features, but cannot be expanded past 2 lanes.

          Hope this helps.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            A friend of mine told me that I should also get "a stop and go box" to go with this, otherwise it doesn't really work well. What will stop and go box do for the DS200? is it really necessary?
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              No a Stop and Go box is not needed to time or run laps.

              The Stop and Go Box is an often overlooked item, but not needed to run a DS timing system.
              However it is way more than a Stop and Go box or relay box if you like.
              It allows you to easily hook up your power supply or Power supplies. You can run one supply or one for each lane.

              DS-0061 Stop and Go Box $99.99, 2 relays so allows control of individual lanes. Worth the money, but not absolutely needed.

              It also allows you to control the lanes for a F1 type race so all the cars complete the lap they ore on, or run a timed race where cars stop as time runs out. Even on a lap race depending on which program you use cars with either finish their lap ( F1) or stop on track so you can tell who actually won the race.

              DS-0022 Drivers Station $59.99 This has no relays, as named it is a Driver Station

              It is a Drivers Station or Controller hook up, with a polarity checkers to make sure you are wired correctly for Commercial type Controllers, where the brake wire is negative and the white wire is positive.
              The Stop and Go boxes and DS Drivers Stations are probably some of the most overlooked parts of their line.
              But not needed to run a DS 200, they will add features, or ease of hook up though

              Thank you for asking.


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              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                Thanks to Alan. Finally pulled the trigger and got the DS system from him including the "Stop & Go" Box. Going to incorporate the bridge into the gate, which will function as the starting/finishing line. It's all part of the finishing work on the track to give it a complete and polished look. I'll try to publish some photos when it's done.
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                  I finally got around to deconstructing the DS lightbridge and installing it into the "City Gate". Works like a charm!

                  And, a general view of the whole layout (12'x3')...


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                    That track looks awesome.


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