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Short tail McLaren F1GTR?

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  • Short tail McLaren F1GTR?

    I saw at that the McLaren F1GTR has been added to the pre-order list along with the Lola T70 spyder. Any idea of when they will be coming to market?

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    Hopefully this year. That would be nice.


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      Good news!

      Two good choices --- and cars that are needed in the market if they are:

      1. to Scale
      2. Competitive with etc.

      and, with Alan, no harm in pre-ordering --

      Steve C.


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        Sweet! Count me in for the Peter Revson Lola!
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          I know that developing a new slot car doesn't happen overnight but I hope he gets these new cars out in a timely fashion. It's been quite a while since the Mazda 787b was introduced and some people have short memories.


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            It's been a while since this car was announced. I heard release WAS supposed to be end of summer, but I would have thought we would have heard anything by now. MrSlotcar website is still down. Is there any news? Are there new cars coming out? What's up??!!


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              I too eagerly await the release of this slot car. I really like my Mazda 787B and I hope the McLaren will run just as good.


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                Electric Dreams sent out pictures and prices in their newsletter this week, and they have them now for pre-order on their webpage.


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                  Just a word of warning about Electric Dreams, I've always had good service there, but they charge you immediately on pre-orders, not when the cars come in.



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                    I have a red and white Marlboro on preorder through professor motor. It's too bad they came out with different liveries first......


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                      I seen on the internet today,that the colored McLarens are to be available May 30th.
                      Will see if that is true or not.



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                        Real close

                        As I have been in phone conversation with Ernie a number of times over the past 4 weeks, I can confirm that actual production and assembly began late April.
                        I understand assembly was completed mid week, so now they are being packaged and boxed ready for distribution.
                        The target is to have Europe stocks on shelves 1st June (they'll be flown), and likewise, I am waiting for courier arrangements to be firmed up for my stocks here in NZ.

                        Not sure why pictures haven't made it across to here, but here's some to whet your appetite.
                        And below that, some video of me running one "in anger" for what may be the very first time, at our Nationals 2 weeks ago. - I stuffed up my tyres for a major shift in grip levels between practice and qualifying the following day - and as vehicles were not able to have any tyre treatment applied on the day, had to live with a sliding car. But I still finished mid pack for open GT class among the Nissan and Porsche GT1 and the NSR Moslers. (All the rest of the field was comprised of those 3 models, as being the fastest choices in the current production market place)
                        I only had the pre-production samples cars a week to develop one, so the mid pack result isn't at all "shabby"
                        - If you have sound up you'll hear a friend saying "you need some grip Mark" - It was really frustrating to be lapping 77 feet in 5.7, when I was doing sub 5 seconds on the red and white inside lanes the previous day, - which are occupied by two Nissans in the video - and 5.25 on this yellow lane.

                        Video is unedited - just a friend with my camera while I drove.
                        The MR Slotcars McLaren is the dark blue gulf livery
                        (Thanks Ernie for letting one of your decorated bodies go )
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                          Would love to see the video, but it is labeled "private".


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                            videos and forums.

                            Okay, the problem must be, that this forum uses youtube links with only the tail address of the specific video, so unless the video is marked "public" as opposed to "unlisted"; the missing http:// (without the 's" for security) isn't there to SAY the unlisted video can be viewed when the address is stated.
                            That's a basic incompatibility between the way the forum software is configured, and the limitations of options in Youtube security are stated. - Youtube only has "private" (which the video ISN'T), "unlisted" - which it is, and "Public" which is isn't as the wallies at youtube automatically combined my 3 accounts about 3 years ago, so all aspects of my life and business became immediately visible to all parties in any of them.
                            [Rant ends]

                            - So just click this link instead VIDEO


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                              Still comes up private!