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Short tail McLaren F1GTR?

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    then it has me beat.

    I have the same videos on Facebook and other forums without problem....

    EIDT - take that back, somehow settings on that one video got changed.... weird, anyway, SHOULD be available now. Let me know
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      Good Grief !
      Those cars are flying.



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        You should see the "A" final.

        Originally posted by steeveew View Post
        Good Grief !
        Those cars are flying.
        A super gloss 2-pot surface allows well trued and treated rubber tyres to really grip up.
        We had to clean the track 3 times in total in previous days to remove all traces of glue from steel chassis racing.

        The A final cars were up to half a second a lap faster.
        As Ernie said when he saw the clips himself " *&%Y^ They look like Eurosport cars"

        I still had too much grip in practice, so I scrubbed the tyres quickly on the lathe before leaving for the track on race day, but I killed my grip as conditions had changed with so many guys practicing Friday night. That's how it breaks sometimes.

        I was hosting/billeting 3 entrants, also making sure everyone got their goodies bags, a few late parts requests from my shop - which is at my house, all meant not as much time to focus on my own entry/racing.


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          I'll be happy to get one of these first run plain vanilla cars. Wild colors but no livery. But I think many will wait for one of the fully decorated models.


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            Originally posted by Modlerbob View Post
            I'll be happy to get one of these first run plain vanilla cars. Wild colors but no livery. But I think many will wait for one of the fully decorated models.
            Green one for me.


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              You were seeing

              me doing about 5.7 laps there on yellow, the odd 5.6.
              On the inner lanes I managed 5.4s, but in practice I cut 4.9s on red and white the previous night when I had proper grip.
              That would have got me close to the A Final cars. - NSR Mosler and Nissans and Porsches
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                Nice video! Those cars are really hooked up.


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                  Wow those look awesome!!!! I love the green one especially. Any idea if the McLaren Orange (aka School Bus Yellow) will be part of this initial release?


                  Can't wait to get my hands on one of these beauties!

                  Gordo Bond 007


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                    SlotsNZ what tire compound was used in that race?


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                      A mixture. Most of the NSR cars, and the winning Porsche were on NSR - Supergrips or Ultras, but some guys were using N22, and I was/and mostly use, N18 anywhere they fit, now I have figured out how to true and treat them consistently.
                      - Oh, and I think one guy was on F22.

                      Gordo - I do't believe an orange road car in exact colours is in the scheduling at all. I know it isn't the right shade, but I think you'll have to make do with an orange contender.

                      As at 2 mornings ago, Ernie said the pretty things were being put into the green square cardboard things. That's the latest news I've heard.
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                        Thanks for the reply. I am a bit confused as there are pictures of an Orange coloured F1 one on the internet, and we all know if its on the Internet, then its got to be real, right? Ha Ha

                        Sure looks close to the colour that I am describing as School Bus Yellow.

                        Ernie, I would love to get your input on this.



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                          Racing Liveries ???

                          I'm sure I asked this question on a different thread...

                          But does Mr. Slotcar have plans to do racing liveries ?

                          This is waay too cool a model of a McLaren F1 to not have actual racing liveries made ...

                          So how 'bout it ? When will they be available ? (gotta save some pennies )

                          BTW ... has anyone had the opportunity ... to "compare" this 1/32 model (proportionally) to the BRM ???

                          Maybe it's just pictures ... but this one seems to have "out sexied" the Bimmer ... maybe in the wheelbase dimention ?


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                            Yep. 4 liveries were announced, starting about September. I just forget the exact order of release, but in numerical order they are:

                            MR1042 Marlboro

                            MR1043 MVR

                            MR 1044 Gulf

                            MR1046 Ueno Clinic


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                              MR1046 Ueno Clinic

                              Like this one a lot.


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                                I have compared the wheelbase of the new McLaren to the Ninco short tail and the long tail and found it to be noticeably longer than both of the earlier cars, about 3/16ths of an inch. According to Wiki the wheelbase should be the same for both versions.