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Front Tires Rubbing - before you freak out read this

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    Originally posted by cgingras View Post
    Color perception is VERY subjective. But to me, the purple car is more rich than it is lavender. It's not quite deep rich royal but closer to that than the paler purple you're talking about.
    Thank you. Just received the orange (only seems right, since it's a McLaren) today. The purple sounds like it will be next.



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      Can someone tell me the rear wheel size or what size tires will fit.


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        Originally posted by Gordo Bond 007 View Post

        #3. Take those pins that were located in the holes below the front axle, and holding the chassis upside down, insert these pins into the holes provided above the axle.

        #4. Reinstall the front axle with the chassis still in the upside down position, then flip it over and put the wheels back on.
        Sorry but I'm not understanding these 2 steps. I have the car in front of me upside down with the pins out. I don't see what would hold the pins in place when you reinsert them above the axle. Could you provide a picture or some type of visual.


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          Originally posted by manchvegasracer View Post
          Can someone tell me the rear wheel size or what size tires will fit.


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            The front axle is what keeps those pins in. Honestly I took a different route and I put two grub screws into the holes above the axle. I think that the pins were designed for this purpose, but I moght be wrong.


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              Thanks PR


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                Originally posted by Gordo Bond 007 View Post
                The front axle is what keeps those pins in. Honestly I took a different route and I put two grub screws into the holes above the axle. I think that the pins were designed for this purpose, but I moght be wrong.

                Hi Gordo

                The pins are there just to minimize some of the vertical movement of the axle in the car's stock configuartion, then if you choose to remove them you can install set screws in their place to accurately set the front ride height



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                  So what do I know anyway...

                  I am at Luf's track and I have now run the McLaren. From the first corner it was clear that this is something special. So how did my lap time prediction hold up? Not that well I am afraid. I predicted a 7.2 second lap. Best so far: 7.011 seconds! Second fastest of all my cars and not that far off my NSR Mosler. And this without me touching anything after the initial first time setup at home!

                  Fantastic car!!!


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                    Originally posted by McLiams View Post

                    Is the purple car a deep rich royal color, or is it a lavendar, paler purple? Have seen images online that are inconclusive.


                    IMHO, the purple is definitely not a "deep rich royal color". At least not the car I've got:

                    I'd say it's more of a pink-ish color, more than purple. And a rather dull hue at that.

                    The color is nothing like the vibrant purple that fotodoug magically shows here:

                    Originally posted by fotodoug View Post
                    Got mine today from Slot Car Corner...thanks Christian! Well done Ernie!

                    Different lights & camera, OK, but the color of the real car definitely matches my picture
                    above rather than fotodoug's when I put the car on my computer screen for comparison
                    in the preview post mode.

                    As can be seen here:

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                      Thank you!



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                        Originally posted by monquispot View Post
                        OMG! Another tunable slotcar that needs to be tuned to run properly? Why can't they make these things so they run perfectly? Exactly the way I want on my track? With exactly the right gearing & the exact same tires I like & why don't they preinstall the digital chip & why doesn't it have light &............etc. GMO!

                        Nice cars these are.
                        Where's my bench vise!?!


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                          I still don't have my work bench fully set up after the move and access to most of my parts is difficult. But I wanted to give my new McLaren a good test run so I ended up temporarily swapping out the front tires and rims with a set from a Ninco Lightning Audi R8. On the rear I found a set of Paul Gage urethanes that fit the MrSlotCar rims. This will be a hard car to beat if it ever gets raced. It is at least equal to my Black Arrow Aston Martin, Arrow slot Saleen and ScaleAuto Mercedes. And oh yes, of course, my NSR Mosler. Next week I should have my TrakMate lap counter/timer up and working and then I can record some lap times.


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                            Bob - and anyone else interested. I have been knocking the fronts down to a mere 18.15mm diameter using my Hudy as a rough hammer on the hard tyres.
                            Then I fine finish them with a thick coat of superglue which I polish back down to 18.2mm using my Tyres Technology lathe which has gentler drums, and a more accurate diameter shaft - Hudy shafts are under-size so always a bit of a loose fit on 2.38mm axled wheels.

                            At that diameter I can use different thickness braids, and set front ride height any way I like without any risk of rubbing or catching in corners.


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                              I have found my tire truer and when I find the power supply I will do the same with mine.

                              The question no one has asked. Where in the world does anyone race slot cars with rubber that hard and why put a set of useless tires on the car to start with?


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                                I'm running the stock rubber tires on my wood track and with a little TLC they work fine for recreational purposes.

                                I always squirt a bit of Ronsonol Lighter Fluid on my tires and a do a few second burnout to get some heat in the tires and then off I go. If the track is clean and rubbered in I can run 20 laps without the tire performance dropping off.

                                I have been doing this for years and I have never seen any ill effects on tires or on the track itself.

                                We have nick named it "Go Go Juice"

                                If absolute peak performance is your ultimate goal then Urethane or Silicone tires will provide even better grip than the stock tires.

                                Anyone know some Ortmann or Supertire part numbers for tires that will fit on these McLaren rims?

                                Gordo Bond 007