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Front Tires Rubbing - before you freak out read this

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  • Wet Coast Racer
    Good to hear from you Gordo, helpful fred, here.

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  • monquispot
    OMG! Another tunable slotcar that needs to be tuned to run properly? Why can't they make these things so they run perfectly? Exactly the way I want on my track? With exactly the right gearing & the exact same tires I like & why don't they preinstall the digital chip & why doesn't it have light &............etc. GMO!

    Nice cars these are.
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  • Front Tires Rubbing - before you freak out read this

    Hey Guys; Gordo Bond here. So I got my Mr. Slotcar - Mclaren F1 yesterday! Sweet car!

    So when you get your car you are going to notice that the front wheels rub inside the the wheel wells, and not just a little bit, but to the point that my front tires wouldn't turn.

    Before you go reaching for your dremel tool (guilty) I discovered that there are some easier ways of dealing with this issue.

    Here is what I did.

    #1. Take the body off

    #2. Using a 0.035" (0.9mm) allen key, remove the front wheels. When you do this turn the chassis over and 2 little black pins will fall out.

    #3. Take those pins that were located in the holes below the front axle, and holding the chassis upside down, insert these pins into the holes provided above the axle.

    #4. Reinstall the front axle with the chassis still in the upside down position, then flip it over and put the wheels back on. I wanted my front wheels to be flush with the outside of the the front wheel arches, so I installed some spacers on either side of the front axle to keep the wheels in perfect alignment. If you like the wheels tucked inside the body you can simply put the wheels back on without the spacers.
    Before I discovered what these little black pins do , I took some .9 mm Grub Screws and I screwed them into 2 of the 4 holes located above the front axle and it worked perfectly. This method allow me to secure the front axle in its lowest position.

    #5. Now you need to take little spacer about 1mm thick with a hole in the middle, and insert it between the front body mounting post and the chassis. Don't worry it doesn't make the car look too high, and the chassis will still sit pretty much flush with the bottom of the body. Now test fit with the body on to make sure that the wheels will turn freely in the wheel wells. Once you get it just right you can glue this spacer to the front body post so the it doesn't fall out and get lost the next time you open the car up.

    #6. Reinstall the body and off you go!

    Whole thing takes about 10 minutes, so before someone goes off on a rant here, just slow down take a breath and tweak it a little bit and everything will be just fine.

    If I had a suggestion for Mr Slotcar it would be that they should include a few different thickness spacers and a .9 mm allen key with tier cars, or at least make them available if folks need them.

    Note: I am not affiliated with Mr Slorcar in anyway, these are just my suggestions on how to remedy this problem.

    Who knows maybe Ernie will join in on this discussion and he will have a completly different solution. In which case what Ernie says goes!!

    Ernie if I am talking out my %$# on this topic feel free to contact a moderater and get them to delete this post.

    Thanks and enjoy your wicked New Mclaren F1, it's a great car!

    Gordo Bond 007
    Last edited by Gordo Bond 007; 06-30-2015, 11:52 AM.
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