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Thanks to All Proxy Racers

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  • Thanks to All Proxy Racers

    Hi Everyone

    I'm really happy to see all the efforts put forward by all the participants in the upcoming McLaren Proxy Series. I would also like to extend a big thanks to Christian Gingras of Slot Car Corner for putting this event together.

    Good luck to all of you!


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    Thanks Ernie, it's a great event and you've built an amazing car...


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      The SCC Canada Proxy 2016 has officially begun today, with the technical inspection, the pictures and the pre-qualification session. This race is a one-make race, with the MR Slotcar F1 GTR cars.

      The pictures of the 26 cars are all here:

      Here's the picture of the leading car (Benoit Harvey, Québec QC, #69). Benoit finished 2nd overall last year and was also 1st at the pre-qualification session.

      I would also tell you where to go for the complete results, the technical data sheet and everything else but the link can't be published here. So, if you're interested in following this all-Canadian proxy, you probably know where to look. We'll be having fun in the next few months as the cars travel across our great country.

      Thanks to Ernie for having built a wonderful car to tune and drive.


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        Some very nice looking cars in the field!