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  • Rally Loops

    I have decided to make my RAID track into a "loop", using the rally loops.

    How do you wire it and hook up the controllers? Can I still use the power track connections or do I need to modify it?


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    I found a couple of places for information. I have never done it myself so i cant say how accurate this is. i typically dont mess with electronics.

    I also read, but cant find the link anymore, but this cant be done with the older power track with the phone style connector. it needed the newer stereo jack connector for the controllers. I am not sure why


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      Using two Rally loops essentially gives you a one lane track. You can only run one car using one controller.
      Not being a Ninco user, I would surmise a standard terminal track won’t work. You might try it using only one controller. As one of the mentioned posts stated - just disconnect one of the lane connections and you should be fine.