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      Originally posted by SlotsNZ View Post
      Which it doesn't .... Suddenly my pictures linked to my own website won't display on any 3rd party websites.
      Russell - not your problem, but you may have just some idea since this is your job and you see this sort of thing regularly.......
      I suspect my ISP have changed a server setting to prevent picture URLs from 3rd party sites addressing and displaying the images embedded in posts.
      - It is a secure e-commerce site, on some generation of apache server.... I'll get my web guy onto it when we can... but mean-while, hard to do posts and display pictures.
      Are you referring to third-party linking from your own website? Then yes that is a server setting on your end. What is your backend of your website, perhaps I can point you in the right direction.


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        That's weird.... I am seeing all pictures fine, except the ones stored on one of my hosted sites.....
        You've confirmed my suspicions...
        It's okay, I have a pro web guy I pay to fix the stuff beyond me - and he used to be head of tech support where I am hosted, before he went out on his own.
        I copied him my followup email to them...
        He will probably ring the company and tell them what the issue is LOL
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