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BMW white kit 320A vs 320B

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  • BMW white kit 320A vs 320B

    What is the difference between these two BMW white kit models?
    Thank you

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    Maybe the wing and side vent? Just a guess.


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      I bought a white body kit, and noticed a couple of differences between that and the initially released Jagermeister:

      - Front spoiler on Jagermeister has openings for vents, with grills behind them. The white kit body I had does not have openings in the front spoiler

      - On my white kit body, the trunk had a spoiler that protrudes upward about 1/2 way to the rear wing. The Jagermeister livery does not have a spoiler on the trunk.

      - On my white kit body, there are vents and grills on the rear panel to the outside of the tail lights. Not so on the Jagermeister.

      Unfortunately, I don't know if my white kit body would be a 320A or 320B, but I'll try to find out more and will post here if nobody else beats me to it.


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        The front fenders are different; the 320A has the same fenders as the Jagermeister BMWs where the top is straight and the 320B has a swoop after the front wheels like the Rodenstock BMW.