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New Direct Marketing Forum for Racer Silver Line Cars.

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  • New Direct Marketing Forum for Racer Silver Line Cars.

    Welcome to Racer's Silver Line Direct Forum.

    Here you can purchase a Racer Porsche for the incredible price of only 59.99 Euro ( aprox $78.00 US at this time )

    Racer are proud to present the brand new Silver Line - Porsche 911S 1969 and to inform our customers that we've decided to offer as a unique and unrepeatable occasion, a promo special price never seen before for an exclusive Racer model, to give the opportunity to whoever has never owned a Racer model to appreciate the exquisite handcrafted work behind every Racer model and on other hand to give our fans and collectors the possibility of a lifetime, to expand the collection "low cost".
    Don't miss this occasion, OWN A RACER !

    Available from December 10th only on

    This is a one time promotion from Racer direct, to get new Racers and Collectors interested in this great line of cars.
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    Very nice. That car could leave you shaken and stirred.


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      nah, you'd need some vermouth for that an a twist of Emma.........


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        You would think that being a Racer they would have better quality assurance, mine arrived well packaged but the body was not finished as if they were in a hurry to put it together, hell it even smelled of fresh paint when I opened it. The mounting posts were not flat causing the body to be cocked to the chassis and even after I flattened it the rear wheels rubbed the resin no detail interior. There is an orange peel patch on the hood and deck lid in the stripe area. After fixing the affected areas it runs great.
        But a novice in this hobby would get really ticked off with the QC.
        My 2 cents worth


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          A nice looking as the Racer cars are I can't get into the 1/28 scale cars. Is this one over scale too?


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            I like the chassis setup

            I was wondering if the chassis and the modified Slot.It inline (the bump is cut off of the side) pods might be available for purchase? This is the thinest Slot.It setup I have seen. It will fit under most scale bodies I think. How about an HRS2 style adjustable front end and maybe a bit on the short side? Biggy, I checked my Toyota 2000GT and it is very close to scale. Very nice cars.



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              How many of each Silver Line car does Racer produce?


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                Received mine today early on Monday, ordered it at midnight the Wednesday before. Wish the car looked as good as the shipping. The finish looks like a club level 911 racer in Martini colors. Not quite the "exquisite handcrafted work" promised and hoped for. Haven't run it yet, may just keep it as a shelf queen.
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                  Dear Racers,

                  Can a member help complete the two missing sets of names on the Sunoco Capri's in the North Amrican 2012 (200 cars limited edition). I got a few
                  Pearson/Shatzel/Halm ,
                  Sawtelle/Stott/Frederick ,
                  Rose/vd Merwe/Gingras
                  Are any of these cars available to buy (I am looking for the Rose/.... and the other two not mentioned)

                  I have raced endurances with the Ford Capri Turbo and they are just one of a kind


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                    Is this Porsche 911S still available for purchase from Racer (Silver/Martini livery)?

                    If it is, I would be interested in one.



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                      Originally posted by Audi1 View Post
                      Is this Porsche 911S still available for purchase from Racer (Silver/Martini livery)?

                      If it is, I would be interested in one.

                      I just checked their website and it is no longer available but they have a Gulf Porsche 911 for the same price.


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                        Here's a picture for those that haven't seen it.


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                          Hi guys
                          Martini version of our 911S will be back on online store in a few days.
                          Note that Gulf edition has been improved if comapred to first Martini version
                          and new martini coming also show all improvements for wwhat concern headlights
                          and interior tray.
                          RACER Slot cars