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24 Hours of Tacoma 2018

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  • 24 Hours of Tacoma 2018

    Any information on this event - dates, cars, rules etc?

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    The 24hr is usually run with BRM cars.
    If it's the usual weekend then it should be 9 - 12 November 2018


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      Maybe I am confused. There is an endurance event held sometime in the summer. My recollection is July. That is the one I am interested in


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        I stand under correction, there may be an Endurance weekend at the beginning of June for Scaleauto cars. Usually this event is a 12Hr race.

        I think Alan is in Europe on business right now, so it may be a day or 2 before he chimes in.


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          24 Hours of Tacoma Nov 8th - 11th.

          The 24 Hours of Tacoma is Nov 8th -11th.

          This is always a BRM Event where each Team gets a new car included in the enrty fee of $250.00 per Team.

          The 12 Hours of Tacoma will be July 26th - 29th for Scaleauto 1:24 GT cars.

          Next weekend is the Tacoma Grand Prix for Klasse 1 Scaleauto F1 chassis with model kit bodies.
          Plus the 4 Hours of Tacoma Scaleauto GT Endurance race May 31st - June 2nd.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.