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  • ScaleAuto parts questions

    Hi Guys,

    I recently purchased a ScaleAuto 1/24 Viper on the GT3 chassis. This is my first "hobby grade" slot car. All my others have been Carrera 1/24, which seem like toys compared to this thing. I am looking at all the upgrade parts that are available and have a few questions.

    1. I see that there are different axle mounts that house the bearings. The optional mounts are sizes 7,8, 9, and 10mm. What is this measurement referring to? I assume it's from the bottom mounting face to the center. Anyone know what size the ones that came on my chassis are?

    2. Are the screws in this chassis 2mm? Where's the best place to pick up some extras? I also need one that is extra long

    3. I'm going to set this car up to run on a plastic Carrera track. The current guide is too deep for the track. What is the best way to fix this. Change the guide? if so, what is the best option? Space the guide up? If so, what is the best option, shims or a special guide spacer?

    4. The GT3 chassis has a angle winder motor configuration, but it really isn't angled that much. Are the gears the angle winders they show in thier 2017-2018 catalog, or is is it something different?


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    Hi, you might find some of your answers in the 1/24 Scaleauto Parts section of 132Slotcar.

    As to the motor configuration - and I could be wrong here - I don't think that Scaleauto have done an anglewinder chassis except maybe in 1/32 Scale. It can be challenging to figure out which parts, for whichever scale, you're looking at sometimes.

    The configuration for the 1/24 GT3 cars, so far as I know, is always a sidewinder - only with the motor moved marginally in order to fit the chassis width. Sort of like some of the NSR 1/32 cars. So it resembles an anglewinder, but it ain't, really.

    I'm hoping that Alan Smith - the guy behind SCI Forums, and also the importer for Scaleauto in the US - can provide more illumination!


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      First off the motor is a shallow anglewinder.

      They use conventional Sidewinder gears, the Scaleauto anglewinder gears are for the 1:32 scale Scaleauto range.

      Here is the 1:24 gear section on

      The guide should be fine for Carrera track.
      You may need to shave just a little off the depth.

      If you are running Digital you need to remove the lower front keel or it can collide with the lane changers. At the speed a Scaleauto car can run and with the weight of the car this can cause serious damage.

      The front of the guilderland should be square, and 90 degrees to the Slot to prevent this. Also make sure the guide defaults to straight ahead. As this can cause issues on Digital too.

      But carefully positioning the lead wires you can make the guide self center. This and the leading edge is important.

      The axle carriers in different sizes are to raise or lower the chassis.

      We race them stock, but by all means you can try to play around with ride height.

      This will either raise or lower the COG of the car.
      ( center of gravity. )

      Be careful if you lower the car as you can easily short out your track if the metal chassis touches down.

      Pay particular attention to the 2 front ears that carry the front sprung pod. They must not be able to touch down with the chassis springs fully compressed or you will damage the track surface.

      A safety tip would be to cover the bottom if the chassis in clear tape ( packing tape ) to prevent shorting your rails.
      Be especially careful if you are running banked turns.

      Also as the GT 3 chassis is sprung you have to consider shorting under compression in fast turns.

      Best place to get screws would be to contact us. With over $250,000.00 invested in Scaleauto spares we have everything they can supply.

      On set up to get the best handling on Scaleauto cars you want to set the front tires so they just touch, the GT3 chassis ( we find ) works best with the front end tight, even locked down. It may be different on Carrera track, but if the front wheels can move up much on hard cornering you will likely see roll out deslots.

      If the front wheels are set up to carry the weight of the car you will get poor brakes, and inconsistent running, especially on digital where the data to the chip is carried down the rails.

      Make sure to align axles, and loctite screws and nuts.

      More later, or call the Store.

      Last edited by Scaleracing; 01-24-2021, 07:51 PM.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Hi Alan,

        Thanks for the info. The front of my car is very close to the track. It actually hits when the suspension is compressed fully. I was hoping to raise the front of the car (by lowering the axle) with some of the optional axle brackets. Could you explain what the measurements of 7,8, 9, and 10mm are referring to for those parts? I assume those dimensions are from the bottom mounting face (where the bracket sits on the chassis) to the center of the hole for the bearing. I just want to make sure I'm ordering the parts I need correctly.
        Last edited by Yama-Bro; 01-25-2021, 05:36 AM.


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          By putting this information in the comment section of an order I can answer you there.
          We would not raise the front of the chassis. But this is the fun of tuning you can adjust a experiment to find out what works for you.
          By preloading the t nuts on the front of the chassis you can restrict movement you can also fit shorter T Nuts to stop the chassis touching.

          I will post here what we use later today, time allowing.

          Not at the shop yet.


          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            OK on the axle upright SC-8147A this is a 7mm axle carrier meaning the distance from the base of the carrier to the center of the bore is 7mm. This carrier has no marking. The others SC-8147B and above have a line to denote size. 8mmhas one line 9mm has 2 etc.

            Also tuning chassis height or compression can be altered with the T Nuts like these:


            Also stiffer chassis springs. The stock are way too soft for my tracks.

            See SC-8164 and SC-8165 series.

            Last edited by Scaleracing; 01-28-2021, 12:05 PM.
            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.



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