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  • Scaleauto foam tires

    I have Scaleauto foam tires SC2009 for 1/32 in both red line and green line. I assume these are different compounds. Which is soft and which is medium or hard, if there is such a compound. I plan to use these on a commercial track, a Blue King, that does apply a traction formula to the track.

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    The Pro comp 4's (greenline) are a touch harder than the Pro comp 3's (red).

    For 1/32 cars on a King with glue,.......go with the Green Pro comp 4's.

    Chris Walker


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      The Scaleauto tires grade as:

      White is soft compound Pro Comp.

      Yellow is medium. Pro Comp 2

      Red is hard. Pro Comp 3

      Green is extra hard. Not available in 1:32 sizes, but in 1:24 sizes Pro Comp 4

      Blue is for front no grip. Mainly for 1:24th Scale Cars.

      Not ever seen a green compound for 1/32 scale with 3/32" axles.

      Here is the link to the complete Scaleauto Sponge tire line both 1:32 and 1:24 scale:

      These tires are a game changer as they take out the unfair advantage of open tire compounds.
      When I started importing Scaleauto tires about 15 years ago we have run 100's of races on these fantastic tires.

      We race on Urethane, rubber and sponge tires and the Scaleauto sponge gives us great grip and long life. All 3 types of tire work well together building a blue groove on your track. Just like real racing.

      To me the beauty of Scaleauto tires in sponge is no need for glue.
      We never run glue on our tracks, and frankly Scaleauto is a big part of that. I detest glue, it is messy and a serious health hazard. As glue is atomized into the air you are breathing it in. Also when I raced glue tracks my clothing stunk of the glue, which is certainly a hazardous chemical.

      To me glue is one of many reasons that hold our Sport and Hobby back. It is dirty, unhealthy and not needed.

      But if you are running on a Commercial Track that does use glue, then the hard compounds are the way to go. Red in 1:32 and Green in 1:24.

      Scaleauto have proved that in Scaleracing!!!

      Any questions content us at 1-253-255-1807

      Or at

      Scaleauto tires, get a grip on your racing.
      Last edited by Scaleracing; 11-10-2021, 10:16 AM.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Gentlemen, thanks for the replies and info. What I was originally referring to as green is in fact yellow. Sorry for the confusion on my part. Chris clarified that for me and recommended red for my application which Alan posted above. Great information, thanks!
        Last edited by GTOking; 11-12-2021, 12:01 PM.


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          You are very welcome, I think you will enjoy the shelf life of Scaleauto tires. I would be interested in how they perform for you with 1:32 scale cars in a glue track. You may find you have too much grip especially if you run type cars unweighted.
          There are also 2 narrow versions of the 1:32 scale tires. The ones mentioned are 11mm wide. The other 2 are only 9mmwide and may help on a glue track. See SC-2018 and SC-2019
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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