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2 Power Supplies for Arc Pro?

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  • 2 Power Supplies for Arc Pro?

    Hello - I am upgrading from the Scalextric Digital 6 car Powerbase to the Arc Pro. I see 2 inputs for power supplies on the Arc Pro, and only 1 came with it. Its the same power supply as I had for the 6 car Powerbase. Can I add one of my other power supplies to the Arc Pro, for a total of 2? I'm assuming so, but wanted to make sure it woudn't fry anything.

    Is there any advantage to only using one? My track is about 38' long. Thanks.

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    no ,unless you only have 1 wall socket available


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      Same powersupplys

      If you drive more than 2 or 3 cars at the same time, you will have better power all way around, using two power supplys


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        Thank you for the replies!


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          whoa moon

          only the pb4 and the advanced power base have same pack as arc pro

          the original pb6 did not

          sorry for not catching it sooner
          but pb6 plug will not fit either


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            Gorp - you are correct. The part numbers are the same, but the connectors are a little bit different.


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              The part numbers SHOULD be different for the different power packs. It's not just the connector that's different, but the type of power being supplied. Do not use your old power packs.

              If you don't want to spend the money for a second Scalextric power pack, you can get power supplies for Toshiba laptops fairly cheaply on the 'bay. They have the same DC barrel plug and output the correct number of volts and amps. GET TWO of them, though, as the power gets shared inside the base, and they need to be from the same manufacturer to prevent problems with frequencies and such. The power supplies need to be the same, so if getting something other than another Scalextric one, get two and use both replacements. A lot of people will sell the Scalextric one to fund the cost of the replacements, but only do that when you've confirmed the replacements are working well.


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                I have the advanced PB6. They look like the same part number - P9303W, with the same input and output. They have the same Intertek number, 4000879. But Arc Pro power supply fits easily into the Arc Pro base, whereas the older Advanced PB6 power supply didn't seem to fit easily.

                That could lead to some confusion. The only visible difference is that the new one is all black, but I'm not sure you could always have someone to check that when ordering online.

                The Arc Pro power supply is on the left, and the older Advanced PB6 is on the right...


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                  Well, now we're getting into the problem of the "old" 6 car PB being the MIDDLE 6 car PB. The true "old" 6 car PB is the C7030, the original SSD base, which came with ENTIRELY different power supplies. The two you have are identical and interchangeable. I don't know why one feels like it doesn't fit, but it does. It's literally the same. Maybe it's the inputs on the base that are different (one having more spring to the metal or something).

                  You can go ahead and use both of those on the same base at the same time. The only difference is the label application.

                  The ORIGINAL 6 car base came with a power supply that had a much smaller plug, and only output 12v at 1.5A and had an entirely different part number. These are useless other than for powering one of those old bases to use as a car programming tool.


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                    I just recently unboxed my new Arc Pro (with the Sunset Speedway set). I would like to add a second power supply so I can have six cars. Reading the above posts, it seems I just need an identical power supply.

                    Can anyone suggest a North American supplier to order from online? Even better for my location, a Canadian supplier?

                    Thanks for thinking about it! Dave


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                      If you can't find the Scalextric one for a reasonable price, it can often be less expensive to purchase two third party power supplies. I believe if they are 15v DC output, and 4 amps each, they'll have the necessary plug on them. We usually search for PSUs that work on Toshiba laptops because they're marketed more toward those buyers than buyers for Scalextric Digital power bases. You have to buy two, though, because you don't want to mix a cheap PSU with a Scalextric one. It's better to use two of the same cheap ones.


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                        Thank you.
                        Shortly after writing my message above, I realized that I had another power supply from my four car base that came with my "Law Enforcer" set. It has the same Cat No P9303W and same output (15V, 4A), and the same physical dimensions and plug. The only difference is the manufacture date and that the new label has a black background, whereas the older one has a lighter background.

                        Would you mind confirming that I just plug both these into my new Arc Pro base and I'll be set for six cars?

                        Thanks so much, David


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                          Yes! I was considering suggesting trying to find a 4 car base with PSU for cheap, just to get the PSU. I'm glad you had one. It is functionally identical, and should be fine to use with your ARC Pro. In fact, the ARC Pro, and the APB before it, are intended as upgrades from the 4 car base, when purchased separately from a set, don't even include the power supply. Well... the APB didn't. I'm not sure if the ARC Pro does or not.

                          Anyway, you're good to go!


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                            Thanks very much!


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                              Glad you found the Scalextric power supply.

                              For anyone else looking we have the supplies in stock.



                              These are $59.99 plus shipping.
                              But of course if you spend over $65.00 in the USA and $100.00 in Canada we ship for free.
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                              Alan Smith
                              SCI Owner.