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My thoughts on expanding scalextric and this hobby.

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    You can see that a lot of people have got the APP working on other devices here: (I hope I didn't break a rule there...) if the old app connects and the new one doesn't please contact customer services (on the right-hand side of the page I linked) as they need to know about it.


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      No rule broken showing a link to Scalextric Forum.
      But an idea would be to post technical isses here so SCI readers in the USA, my main reason for having SCI online, can grow a support base here.

      Also Scalextric USA staff can hopefully use the info, and help support their Customers here in America rather that sending them to the UK.

      The main reason I keep SCI online is to support the growth of the Hobby in North America where I choose to live.

      I have spent the last 22 years trying to grow the Hobby here.

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      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        You have done a fantastic job fighting an uphill battle for slots in the states.
        If scaly usa does not read the info on the mother scaly website , its is their own fault, because one can go quickly from old world to new there , with the same forum, by selecting the flag or money unit on home page.
        As for discussing technical issues here, believe that is what we are currently doing.


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          Originally posted by Scaleracing View Post
          supprt their Customers here in America rather that sending them to the UK.
          With all due respect, you do know it is the same Internet in the UK as in the US and that most of the language is pretty much the same ...?
          I also got a comment from someone about the official site being "the UK" site and to be quite honest I don't get the point.
          SCI is great for taking care of all things about slot racing and of course there is a Scalextric specific section but geographical borders make no sense to me in the internet age.

          Unless there is some corporate rule that Dave shouldn't go on the UK site I don't see the point...


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            If you want to grow the Market here, build information here, support here, Dealers here.
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            Alan Smith
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              Or just work to build the market 'everywhere'.


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                As a Business my interest is in growing the Hobby here in North America. I am not Scalextric, yes they should want a Worldwide Market growth. The problem is every market has different interests. Motorsport is different in every market.
                Rally is almost invisible here in the USA but massive in England and Spain.
                Vintage F1 while popularish would be blown away by Vintage Indy Cars if anyone could grow the US Market.

                So yes I want to see the Hobby grow Worldwide but my main interest is in this market as this is where I am. And Slot Cars and Slotcar Racing are almost unknown in North America to the general public, not the same as Spain, England and Germany where this Hobby has been very visible for 60 years.

                My main focus is growth here in the Country I live in as this benifits my Business and supports SCI and my family.
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                Alan Smith
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                  Originally posted by DVD3500 View Post
                  You can see that a lot of people have got the APP working on other devices here: (I hope I didn't break a rule there...) if the old app connects and the new one doesn't please contact customer services (on the right-hand side of the page I linked) as they need to know about it.
                  I have read that thread pretty well...and while there is some useful info there Its really not a help you get it working thread. The just of the thread is that you tell THEM what THERE product will or will not work on. If it does not work on any of the devices you have..... you can then go buy a new one that it will work on. But in the interest of keeping this thread on track.I'll start a new thread. So we can see what the great minds at SCI can come up with. .

                  I am enjoying reading this thread...interesting and passionate.


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                    I am not following your logic at all.
                    It sounds to me as if you expect people to figure out how to get the APP to work on PalmPilot or something.
                    Please correct me if I am wrong.

                    How is a list of compatible products that dictate what version of the product and the version of the operating system not helpful?

                    The Powerbase uses a Bluetooth standard called BLE.
                    They adhere to standards and have to assume that those standards will be held up.
                    You don't ask the power company if they have changed their power make up (more volts today, les amps tomorrow...) or go to filling station and ask if they changed the mixture of the fuel.

                    These users said: I have Device X with operating system Y and it worked.

                    With that knowledge you can purchase a device relatively cheaply that has a high possibility of working.
                    iPhone 5s can be easily bought. My iPad Mini 2 (which I find the perfect size) can be had for under 100 of your favorite currency.

                    Don't get me wrong. I consider myself a late adopter of technology. I just got an Amazon FireStick last year for my nearly 10 year old TV.
                    I leapfrog technological advancements all the time.

                    I force my kids to use a second generation WII because I am not convinced other consoles add value for the price.

                    My surround sound system is analog and will remain so until it breaks..

                    It is not feasible for Scalextric test every single device and constantly update the list.

                    The beauty of the Internet has always been that users from all over the world can work on a problem and solve more quickly than a handful of people in a room.
                    This is in the same vein as above with people not going to the official forum because "it's UK based". I still don't get that.

                    I was self-employed for years so I get it with the wanting local promotion etc. but I am not convinced that a business model of ignoring global trends is beneficial.


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                      Hi DVD,
                      Well my way of thinking about this is.... Now I do understand there are many many types of devices out there far as I understand BLE just uses less energy that bluetooth. I go to the store and buy a bluetooth speaker it works on any of my bluetooth devices. I go to the lexus dealer and buy a car it pairs with all of the phones we own, as does my wifes car. Same thing with the radios at work or other phones. So long as the phone is up to date. So It must be the operating system?? There are only 2 major ones that I know of. andriod and apple. (Again this Is NOT a beat up on scalextric I like there cars for what they are on my scalextric home track.) I dont think this is good for the business to say on the box app racing !!! great fun and so on like its all set for prime time Im sorry but, you do not roll out a product to consumers that works as this does. I think it hurts the hobby. I understand we ( as most in this hobby) like to tinker as we grow with the hobby I enjoy that part of it but, that comes later into the exploration of this hobby not to first time buyers into it. I have overcome the issue with cars going crazy wide open with this arc air by putting a capacitor on all my cars and now the app. will not work. the old app does the new one wont so I use the magic arc app. connects and works fine what does that one guy at magic know that all of the people at scalextric didn't ?
                      As for understanding my "logic" lol good luck Im the peanut gallery here and its just the way I see it.... not saying I"m right or wrong.
                      P.S. please do not think I'm being argumentative. I have read alot of your insight on these forums and value your opinion.
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                        The new app should work if the old app works. Send an e-mail to customer supoprt: and tell them.


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