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need scalextric help please

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  • need scalextric help please

    I'm getting back into this after 45 or more years, I'm posting the class rules for the pre 72 TransAm class (among others) I would like to run one of the Scalextric mustangs but it appears that the chassis can be highly modified, I'm a bit lost since when I was doing this everything was brass, but I'm trying to learn. Apparently the folks running the Scalextric chassis are modding them with Sslot it parts, is this economical or would it be better to try and replace the entire chassis? and if so, which one? some common recommendations would be appreciated, also, what is the interchangeability of bodies between manufacturers?
    Thanks for putting up with the newby questions.

    Please pardon the coffee stains..

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    Hey the rules say pre-1970 not pre-1972, - answered on other thread.


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      Originally posted by SlotsNZ View Post
      Hey the rules say pre-1970 not pre-1972, - answered on other thread.
      I think they are going to open it up to the new Javelin, which is post 70, that's why I mentioned it


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        Ah, right - stay with the others unless you really fancy the model. The Javelin is quite had to get low enough to be stable for high speed cornering.
        We have a couple of guys in club running them for variety now, but they are definitely at a disadvantage.