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looking for a stock scalextric chassis for a mustang (in the USA)

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  • looking for a stock scalextric chassis for a mustang (in the USA)

    I just received this all the way from across the pond,, it seems like somebody got a bit frisky with the hold down that retains the car in it's box. the chassis was nearly split in half and the center hole was shattered. there's no way I'm going to even attempt to return it, it's just not worth it, but if I can't suitably repair the chassis, I was hoping to source one in the US, even a used one, or what the heck, at this point, one that has been modded out.
    the lengthwise split is not as noticeable but runs from the hole that contains the "hatch" for lack of a better term, to past the magnet.

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    i shouldn't say this, but if it were mine i'd either:
    1. ignore it if it doesn't scrape on the track, then maybe throw in some solvent, or
    2. take the car apart, force the piece back down and glue it.


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      Ya, fix it.Tap that piece back down and superglue it.
      I’ve seen much worse.


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        I took your advice, I made a jig out of some parts, forced the plastic back together, washed it up with brake cleaner, (to etch the plastic) placed it in the jig and epoxied the inside of it. I figured if I'm going to cobb it around, I might as well straighten it as well.


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          Originally posted by blacksheep-1 View Post
          I might as well straighten it as well.
          Well now is the perfect time to use the fine art method to straighten that there chassis.

          It should turn out better than new, once it's properly flat.


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            while I'm here, will the Slot It axles , bushings and crown gear fit into this chassis


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              Yes, but you may have to replace the tires as well. The stock tires are not likely to fit the aftermarket wheels. Silicone or urethane tires to fit the wheels are available from Super Tires and has a variety of rubber compounds to fit their wheels. Replacing all of those parts will be costly, if you run your cars with traction magnets and do not enter them in organized races the extra cost may not get you very much.