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    I am building an Ascot like oval track layout and I'm looking for an analog power source and I think I need C8217 power base and a C996 power supply. I would like to know if this is the right power source and where I can buy them new. Thanks.

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    Are you trying to recreate Ascot Park Raceway that used to be in Gardena California?


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      Yes, at least as close as I can.


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        This is the one I made some years back. If you want some signs I can send you the files that I used. ‚Äč
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          Believe it or not I was just on the internet looking for back wall ads from the '60s and early 70s. I would love to get the files. Your layout is better than I was planning on doing. I was planning the half mile and the lakes with palm trees, but was going the leave out the quarter mile oval and the figure eight. I am going to put in bleachers, flagman stand and hopefully find something close to the bathrooms. I lived in Gardena from '61 thru '67 as a young kid and on many occasions got to see many race cars and motorcycles as they were headed to the track. Didn't go to Ascot until '69 after we moved away. I saw many motorcycle races and lots of sprint car races all the way up until '90 when it closed. How about you? Did you ever race there or attend any.


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            I grew up in Lakewood and used to watch the jalopy races on TV, I was able to see a few races at the track the last year they were open. When I was building the track, I took screenshots from YouTube videos of old races and worked on the images to make my signs.


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              I worked at and retired from McDonnell Douglas/Boeing on Lakewood Blvd. I remember TV show that I believe was hosted by Tom Malone and a woman named Annie. They showed races from Ascot on Sunday nights. Anyway, thanks so much for the downloads I really appreciate it. I will only need two more Suzuki are here and Yamaha. I'll see if I can get a clear enough picture of either one or both. When I get this done I'll post a picture.


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                We have the older Scalextric Power Bases in stock, for Classic Track. Also can supply for later Sets as we often break Sets for parts.
                Contact me at the Store and we will do all we can to help you.

                The place to find the latest slot cars, parts, accessories, controllers and timing systems for your slot car track.

                [email protected]

                Or better still 1-253-255-1807 anytime.
                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.