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  • ARC Pro and 4 lane digital

    I am about to construct a 4 lane digital layout with the new ARC Pro system. From what I have seen in the past, the way to do this is use the pit lane tracks to funnel down to the 2 lane terminal track then funnel back out to 4 lanes. This essentially creates a squeeze to 2 lanes. Is this still a must with ARC Pro? Or can it be configured with continuous 4 lanes? Thanks!

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    The power base still only has sensors for two lanes.
    Why do you want 4 lanes for only 6 cars?


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      LOL...without fail every time 4 lane and digital come up together its always asked why! What I have found is two cars running side by side on two lanes can clog things up. There is only one racing line against the other car with two lanes. With four lanes three racing lines are available. It is more realistic as well. I recently raced four lane Carrera digital and it was much more fun than my current Scalextric with two lanes. I am just trying to verify whether I can avoid funneling into two lanes. Also, going to use our own LapTrax timing system so it matters not about sensors.


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        What track are you planning to build Jim?

        If it is going to be based on a real one, then of course it will look right as a four lane, since the real tracks are that wide, at least.


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          I'd love to share the plan but naturally the ,jpg is a tad too big to upload!


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            If you want an off-the-shelf way to count more lanes, then you need Carrera Digital, and use their sector timing piece for additional lanes.

            If you are OK with some cutting and soldering and following guides, there are some guides online for using the sensors from a second ARC Pro track, and wiring them in parallel to the one you're actually using in the track. The second ARC Pro "brains" are not used.
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              Real tracks are wide enough that cars can be three or more wide in places, so digital should be too. After all the big selling point of digital is that is more realistic, right?

              What is the most number of cars that can be on track with Carrera digital?


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                That's only because cars aren't in slots.:P The only time you see cars more than two wide is during the scrum at the start of the race, or when there's a massive pack during a NASCAR race. If he were doing a NASCAR oval, I would not have even mentioned it.

                For my PERSONAL PREFERENCES, any track with 4 lanes should be using a system for more cars, such as oXigen (20) or Scorpius (24), or even SCX Advance (10). But, preferences aside, Carrera is also limited to 6 cars.

                I actually prefer the challenge of racing on 2 lanes with 6 cars and needing to time my lane changers to avoid getting stuck behind a back marker, or attempting a pass for position. To those that prefer a clear path, more lanes make sense.


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                  I have seen cars going 3 and 4 wide lots of times this year, after the scrum.

                  10 cars on a track wide enough for four would be epic and accurate, to a point.

                  Lets be honest, take the opening lap at Silverstone in the F1 today. An analogue track can't replicate that at all, but a digital one can't either. I don't think digital is more accurate, just different.


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                    There are also a LOT more cars in those examples, which is why I said that systems that support more cars makes sense to me to be raced on more lanes. The oXigen 24hr races are 4 lane Ninco tracks, and they usually race 16+ cars. As I said, for me, the fun is in the traffic, specifically the congestion... the need to choose your lane to avoid getting stuck behind a slow/bad driver, or even to prevent someone else passing me. For that reason, I prefer running 6 car digital on a 2 lane track that's less than 100' total lap length. Under 75' even better. I've raced digital on long two lane tracks and short 4 lane tracks, and they both result in LESS traffic. It felt more like analog racing where I was just running my car in my own lane, only occasionally needing to be more careful when passing or being passed by the car in the lane next to me. I don't enjoy that. I would RATHER be in a race where I get stuck behind two other cars than a race in which I was free to run as fast as I wanted the whole time. That's what qualifying is for.

                    Me saying what I enjoy should have no impact on what you, or anyone else, enjoys. When someone asks how to do 4 lane digital, I want to make sure they know what they're asking for. Jim knows because he has experienced both and prefers more lanes.

                    I'd provide a link to the documentation online for Jim to do what he wants, but it's not on this forum, and is not my documentation to copy here. Hopefully googling "Scalextric ARC Pro 4 lane lap counting mod" or something similar, will get him the information he needs.


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                      Why would they not know what they are asking for?

                      They want four lanes. Seems pretty straightforward to me.


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                        OK, not knowing how it will actually be when they have it. That better?

                        Why would I question it? Well, aside from my personal preferences and experiences, I've known quite a few people that go through all the trouble and expense of doing a 4 lane digital track (not even meant for 4 lane analog usage, which at least provides additional reason for it) that regret it because of the things I've mentioned. They think it will be better, but find that it's not. Usually, they've not had experience racing digital on 4 lanes, or worse, the only 2 lane digital they've done is with poor drivers.

                        Just because someone asks for something, doesn't mean they fully understand the ramifications of what they are asking for.

                        I asked a clarifying question. He answered it. All is clear.


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                          Making sure I understand: If I funnel four lanes to the two lanes of the ARC Pro terminal track the features will still work as intended for 6 cars. But if I run 4 lanes continuous the ARC Pro will only sense cars passing through it? The other two lanes naturally will not be monitored by ARC Pro. Thank!


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                            You hit the nail right on the head.
                            The Pit lane sets for right and left pits are all you need.
                            Power taps are highly recommended as well.


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                              Thanks again!


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