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New SRMS Version available for download

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  • New SRMS Version available for download

    There is a new version of SRMS available on the Race Coordinator website. Along with a change to using 3 dongles for dynamic throttle control, there are quite a few enhancements and new features that all work for 1 or 2 dongle setups as well.

    New SRMS Features:

    There are also a number of new features and enhancements in this release which make it worthwhile for everyone to download and use. The features below are applicable to any setup, regardless of how many dongles are used. Defaults for new parameters are set to maintain the current behavior of your race setups.


    Missed lap detection has been enhanced.

    Sector timing now displays current, last, and (new) best lap time sectors. Much more useful.

    You can now remove a car from the track while in the pits without causing a Yellow flag. Car will continue to refuel, etc. Great for adjusting braid etc without interrupting track action.

    A pit delay time minimum and maximum has been added. This lets you set a range of time for the pit delay, introducing a bit of random luck into pit stop times. Min - Max set the same by default.

    Running Yellow Flag: Now when a Yellow Flag is called drivers have X seconds to slow to the Yellow flag speed limit. Failure to do so will result in a Speeding penalty flag. They then have an additional separate Black flag delay time to get under the limit, failure will result in a 2nd flag. If the Yellow speed limit is set to 0, all cars must be stopped before the delay time expires or they will receive a penalty. When you don’t have corner marshals, this will prevent anyone from gaining an advantage over the driver who has to re-slot the crashed car(s). During a Running Yellow Flag (with speed limit > 0), cars may change lanes and enter the pits to refuel, serve penalties, etc. Pitting under Yellow you will lose less track position than pitting under racing Green conditions.

    There are now separate penalty types for Speeding and False (jumped) Starts/ReStarts, as well as separate # of laps to serve the penalty and separate time parameters. Penalty types are Drive Through, Stop & Go, and Timed Stop.

    Drive Through has remained the same- drive through pits (not exceeding Pit speed limit). Penalty is served when pit exit is reached.

    Stop & Go now has a time parameter for length of stop . No car service is allowed during the stop. Default time is 0.

    Timed Stop now allows refueling etc to begin after time is served. If there are more laps to serve this penalty than laps left in the race, the driver is not required to serve the penalty and instead will have the time added to his total race time at race end. (Note: To use the time penalty, the Heat Tiebreaker needs to be set to Total Time in race setup.)

    DQ Penalty: Instead of instant disqualification you can choose to penalize a lap(s) or an adjustable amount of time, or both. If any penalty is unserved before the # of laps expires, or if a DriveThrough or Stop&Go penalty is unserved at the end of race, the DQ penalty will be applied. If a driver receives two concurrent Black flags, they will also incur a DQ penalty. This permanent penalty will be reflected in the displayed positions during the race. (Note: To use the time penalty, the Heat Tiebreaker needs to be set to Total Time in race setup.)


    I will do a separate post with details on using the enhanced Yellow Flag / Penalty features, as well as one with some new dynamic throttle features.

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    Well done Ryk and Dave. For those who don’t have digital you can still download it for 30 days purely to browse thru it and see how the Guided Set Up works where it asks you a series of questions. You are given options as you go. Example “Would you like to use fuel?” By answering no it takes you to the next question. If you answer yes it asks you another question like “What fuel burn rate would you like to use? Etc etc until you get to the end. Then simply press start. It’s effortless and you can’t make a mistake. Trust Scorpius to make things easy.