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Announces that it will soon unveil 1:32 models
Slot fans have great names in their references of this hobby. One of them is Scalextric, in Spain and Mexico, and SCX in the rest of the world market. The different changes of licensees that have occurred in recent years finally led to a production gap and an absence in the market that generated serious doubts about the continuity of the brand. From SlotCar we have tried to keep alive the hope that one of the pillars of the slot, essentially for being the one that established the generic name of this hobby, would return to the tracks.
As Lluis M.Arnau, CEO of Scale Competition Xtreme, the current owner of the brand, declared to us a few months ago, the process of restarting all the machinery was slow but it would reach a regularized situation within a reasonable time.
The Compact system (1:43) had to be logically the starting point, a product closely linked to the toy sector with a forecast of important market penetration especially based on the characteristic Christmas campaign. That is why, a few months after this important event, Scalextric / SCX announces its new stage with the novelties of this scale.
A launch that has been accompanied by an important presence in social networks, in which SCX itself has wanted to interact with fans without hiding their cards. It is through these social networks that SCX itself, and its community manager, have released a motto asking for patience (Keep Calm) while giving clues to the future, recommending staying on track, as the novelties of scale 1 : 32 are arriving.
GT and Rallies cars have all the numbers to be part of the 2019 SCX catalog. A catalog that is to be expected can be seen at the next Nuremberg Toy Fair, since as LL.M.Arnau told us, it will be an important starting point for them.
SCX fans and supporters have had patience, and it seems that the brand itself recognizes it. We believe that if this marketing step has been taken, there is something to announce shortly.