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SCX Pro parts...a discussion

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  • SCX Pro parts...a discussion

    From the SCX press release about these parts. They have been available for some time now. They're excellent quality parts. The gears are perfect replacements for stock SCX gears (if you want to replace the stock parts that is) or for any of your hopping up of any other slot cars.

    They're the parts used on the Pro Audi and the Pro Rally car:

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    In no particular order:

    1. Crown Gears:24,26,27z both bronze and aluminum inserts

    The 26z is shown above.
    2. Pinion Gears:9,10,11z
    3. Axles:50 & 54mm lengths 3/32
    4. Spherical oilight bearings (available in the Pro line only, these are not the standard bearings on the SCX cars)
    5. Set screw aluminum rims in 16mm and 17mm

    Seen above is my Pro Audi with 17mm on front and rear.
    6. replacement braids, these are really nice braids. A number of people have commented on the fact that they are quite soft and easy to work with.


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      I saw these in Nurnberg in Feb.

      I was very impressed with the display.

      I have not had any info from the SCX Distributors since then, so it is available great!!

      What size are the axles are they 3mm or the US Standard 3/32"

      I hope 3/32" as to me this is a more universal size at least here in North America.

      I hope these spares are offered to more Dealers they look very good.

      Happy New Year.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        The SCX Pro system is based on standard 3/32" axles. With a real micrometer, two sample axles measured .0935" diameter. No digital or dial calipers for me, not today.


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          Thank you Robert.

          That is very good news.

          I am glad SCX decided to use the universal Slot Axle size for 1/32 scale.

          They look like very good parts.

          Happy New Year.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            Are the Pro Series the only replacement parts available for SCX?


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              The SCX Pro axle's, hubs, bushes, etc is a perfect match to, MB Slot, etc..

              Just tested a spur gear on a SCX Pro axle and it fits perfect without any slop.


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                Are the Pro Series the only replacement parts available for SCX?
                I can't imagine wanting to order "regular" SCX replacement parts unless there was a huge price disparity.


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                  Well the pro motors are a bit high revving for the digital system - from what I am told.


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                    Contact Bryan Young for a definitive answer about non-Pro and digital replacement motors, at:

                    Last edited by Robert Livingston; 12-28-2007, 12:54 PM.


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                      "Contact Bryan Young......"

                      if you do contact Mr. Young please ask him when the SCX Pro parts will be available for sale..............


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                        Scott, Pro parts are/have been for sale for some time now.
                        Fantasy World Hobbies carries a lot of know Fantasy World, correct? I think you may have been there a few times....
                        I'm sorry if other SCI supporters carry these and I don't know about it, this was the link I could think of to illustrate my point.

                        I think you will see that SCX's Pro parts are similar in cost to Slot It parts, if not the same price. There isn't the huge selection of Pro parts yet compared with the entire Slot It line of parts...

                        Hotslots has them:

                        Sport Craft Cars has parts, though not too many:

                        Electric Dreams has them:
                        Last edited by DaveKennedy; 12-28-2007, 01:49 PM. Reason: link to FWH, et al...


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