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SCX Pro parts...a discussion

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    Well, I am disappointed to hear about the tolerance issues. We have seen a huge spike in sales during recent months and I am not sure if it is because of all the races taking place, or because competitors are out of stock.

    If people find SCX Pro components are not to the 3/32nd specification, please bring this to our attention so we can get the situation rectified.

    Chuck Ehredt
    SCX North America


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      I have been race tuning an SCX Pro Audi and an SCX Pro Porsche. I'm using the SCX axles and wheels, and have been playing around with gear ratios using gears, and have also used the SCX crowns from the Pro cars on other cars in my collection. My experience is that all of these parts have been perfectly interchangeable. The fit has been snug but that's what I like. The Pro cars and parts are awesome!



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        I used the SCX Pro gear on one of my Powerslot Hummers. Same durability as a Slot-it at 1/2 the price. How can you go wrong???

        At least you won't go broke upgrading you older cars with the Pro parts.



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          Heya Roberto, you might want to try the pinions as well. They come 3 to a pack and the suggested retail is only $2.99... cheap in anyone's book.


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            Hey, happy birthday, youngster!

            Congrats on all you have achieved with SCX over the last while, you should give yourself a pat on the back.

            Dave Kennedy, one of the finest ambassadors for our hobby, and a great guy to know!


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              Originally posted by Robert Livingston View Post
              SCX RX Vintage (open frame, single magnet) tested 19,509 RPM/12v
              SCX RX-41; tested 14,378 RPM/12v
              SCX F1; tested 13,500-15,390 RPM/12v
              SCX RX-42; tested 14,971-15,400 RPM/12v
              SCX RX-6 16,500 RPM/12v
              SCX RX-81B; tested 17,184 RPM/12v
              SCX RX-42B; tested 18,081 RPM/12v
              SCX RX-41B; tested 18,256 RPM/12v
              SCX Pro Turbo factory rating 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 20,100 RPM/12v
              SCX Pro Turbo Plus factory rating 19,000 RPM/12v; tested 20,340 RPM/12v
              SCX RX-62C; tested 18,540-20,622 RPM/12v
              SCX Pro Speed Double Rally factory rating 19,100 RPM/12v
              135 gcm/12v
              SCX Pro Speed factory rating 19,600 RPM/12v; tested 19,414(new), 20,717(run-in)RPM/12v
              140 gcm/12v

              If you look at SCX catalogs, advertising, weibsite, etc., you will find the motors rated a little differently here and there. the "B" series motors are faster, draw more current, and are not in the Digital cars. Besides the performance differences or similarities, the motors have different characteristics preventing free interchange, such as shaft lengths (81B and Double Rally is for 4wd), and the wire sockets on the Pro Speed endbell (flexible tabs on the rest).

              Any numbers on the new RX-4H? I got one in the SCX pro porche. It seems like a killer motor to me.


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                I've used Pro parts on several of my lastest projects with very positive results. Keep em coming.



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                  Originally posted by antslake View Post
                  Any numbers on the new RX-4H? I got one in the SCX pro porche. It seems like a killer motor to me.
                  Look it up here:

                  H&R Racing Jack Rabbit "14k" motor SRP 1090 and 1092 "16k" motors. Pioneer motors; QS Typhoon 21k and QS "18k" in foreground, pro...

                  One motor tested at 27.3k/12v, with torque tested near 150 gcm/12v, at stall. I tested a prototype, but confirmed the RPM with a production motor. Looks like I left torque off the Motor List. This is an ideal motor for all-out racing no mag, with moderate torque and plenty of RPM. You can drive it!


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                      Only one width available for the 16 mm and the 17 mm SCX PRO wheels.

                      Best regards,


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                        Love that RX-4H motor and the Porsche. No-mag nervana. It slides and recovers well with good bottom end grunt for the twisty parts. I have a back-up MIB standing by.


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                          Nascar Pro Race parts????

                          Looking to buy 6 lexan interiors and a couple chassis. Dave Kennedy or any sponsor/dealers help me out. I know that these parts are "enroute" but can I do a pre-order??



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                            Hi I just received some scx cars as prizes for winning the podded section in the dupr and also for highest placed rookie.So a big thank-you to SCX and to Dave Kennedy for being active in sponsoring events for us enthusiasts. My question is is it possible to fit an scx pro guide into a standard chassis? Or do they only fit pro cars? The improved quality of the new scx cars compared to the ones i see some of the club guys running that are a few years old is testament to a brand re inventing itself so congratulations. the club peugeot is an especially nice bit of kit.


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                              I just wanna remark, that was a great thing that Dave Kennedy just did there, contributing those prizes for the Down Under Proxy Race. He's a mate of mine, and he done good.


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                                Slick tyres for the GT Audi R8 Pro

                                Dear Dave

                                The self same pdf Pro pamphlet quotes the slick tyre diameter for the GTAudi as 20mm on a 17mm rim. Might this available shortly as a new 20mm slick tyre option, with a product code? I got very excited as the staple diet for our sidewinder ali rim cars on magna braid wood track has always been the old SCX 20mm tyres that went out of production and existing stocks have pretty much dried up - so I am hoping / praying this is not a typo or stretched 19mm slick tyre. My pdf to jpeg double size conversion is poor but the 20mm diameter by 9mm width is clear enough.

                                Thanks and regards

                                Originally posted by DaveKennedy View Post
                                From the SCX press release about these parts. They have been available for some time now. They're excellent quality parts. The gears are perfect replacements for stock SCX gears (if you want to replace the stock parts that is) or for any of your hopping up of any other slot cars.

                                They're the parts used on the Pro Audi and the Pro Rally car: