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SCX Pro parts...a discussion

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    when will we be able to purchase scx pro nascar chassis's, that would be great


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      Guys, Dave K is working for Carrera now. I don't know if there is an SCX employee reading this site any longer. Maybe Chuck Ehredt?


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        anyone know why the plastic white brake does not fit the nascar pro?


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          guys random question but will scx make more pro cars like a corvette c6 r or a citreon c4 wrc one???


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            This was a good thread. Even though it was intended to sell SCX Pro parts, there was useful information.

            The abrupt rudeness of the termination of this thread seems totally unwarranted. One would believe whoever replaced Dave K. would have stepped in to continue. He must be aware of these forums! Is SCX going to pull another BWA trick out of the hat?

            How many brand names of slot cars are "orphaned", now? If they continue to run, it's largely because of BNova and
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              Does SCX sell replacement motor brushes and motor brush springs?

              They look to be replaceable, like those on a 16 D motor, but I have not seen such listed by any vendor or the SCX web site.

              Am I looking the wrong place?


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                SCX has never sold those parts separately, as far as I know. The world is awash in surplus SCX motors (well, my world is, anyway). I've heard that some guys have cut down Gold Dust brushes successfully. Commutator truing and advancing seems effective with SCX motors. Transplanting 16D armatures will get you higher RPM than the donor 16D, due to the weaker SCX magnets (I know that from my own experiments), even with stock brushes and no other work.


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                  Quick question, I broke the chassis on my SCX Pro Nascar and I was wondering if there was a replacement available? I can't find anything anywhere..


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                    See thread regarding scx tech support.Contact Bryan