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SCX spec list

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  • SCX spec list

    At this link you can find a list that I hope many SCX fans will find helpful. On this spreadsheet you will find what chip/motor/replacement guide your SCX car needs. Also what motor is in what car and a list of what motor and gears are used in which SCX Pro car.

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    SCX Motor Info

    Hi Dave, Just received the newly released #04 Barracuda. I was preping it for my track when i noticed it has a different motor or motor with a new number. (RK42) What is the difference in performance ,if any between this new motor and the other Barracudas #42 and 48 as well as the NEW #4 Corvettes say with the RX42B etc. Thanks Robert
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      RK? Are you sure that isn't a misprint for RX? SCX has been using the RX prefix for many years, as part of a comprehensive code. Each letter and number indicates something about the motor. The performance of the motor (as opposed to the configuration of its shafting and electrical tabs) is designated by the letter suffix. No suffix means low performance (<16k at 12v). B means ~18k RPM at 12v. C, D, and E are around 20k. H is ~26k.

      So, how does the RK-42 perform, compared to the usual RX-42B?


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        Robert, it's true, the SCX Cuda has a NEW motor, the RK-42. The talk is that it will be a performer between the RX-42 and RX-42B. The hope is that it will be a good choice for the digital cars with a little more power than the 42 and less than the B.

        There is also a new pod since the new motor is the SAME SIZE as a boxer. Finally we can change out SCX motors for something else if need arises.


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          Ah, progress. Back when Dave K. was working for SCX, I heard about the technical developments from the horse's mouth. Now that he's with Carrera I hear only about Carrera.

          I'd love to see a photo of the new motor. It was long rumored that they might standardize on the FK-180 long can (for "serious" competition in Euro racing), and get rid of the obsolete RX series motors. The only ones who appreciated those old clunkers were the guys who rebuilt them.
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            Pretty Sure

            Hi Robert, this is Robert Well i just took another look at the Motor and it has RK42 in red ink printed on it. I have not seen that # letter combination before so thats why i wanted to find out what the difference to the other letters and numbers SCX use's . And what is the diffence in the motor itself or just a rebranding of an old motor. Robert


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              the new RK is on the left, and the RX is on the right...


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                Hi Kidvoltage, right you are ,i didn't notice the pod change till i compared it with an earlier model car ,i see the motor is a closed can style now with no openings on the ends . I guess we'll have to see if it is a decent performer on the long tracks. My track is only 40 feet including corners and the new engine dosen't seem to get up to top speed . And because of this the car dosen't perform much deferent from the other Cuda's Robert P/S Thanks for the pictures Boobie, It's nice to know that you can now put another motor in that chassis without an adapter,if you want to go that option. Anyway got to go to work for a few hours to by more cars, oH !! and pay the morgage .
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