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RX-4H motor

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  • RX-4H motor

    Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but I recently replaced the RX-42B in an SCX Corvette with this motor and the improvement in lap times was quite spectacular.

    A bit of background. I run my 150'+ Scalextric Sport track at 10 VDC with no magnets. At this voltage, SCX cars are, well, sedate. This particular car with the RX-42B had its best lap at 21.28 and it is the quickest SCX car that I have. When I installed the RX-4H, the lap times dropped to a best of 19.11 and that was within only about 20 laps of running. This is right there with my slower slot.its so I'm very pleased with how well the car is now running.

    I've never had a beef with SCX cars in terms of handling, it is just that for my track, they need more oomph and the RX-4H seems to be the way to go.


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    Are you running the SCX Vette with the upgraded motor at 10 volts?


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      Have been happy with the RX-4H, too. Put it up against the NSR King 25K in a pair of otherwise identically configured SCX Audi Pro LMP's a while back. The 4H seemed to have the edge, but not by a whole lot.


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        At 10 volts, the RX-4H will tend to max out at about 22,500 RPM, which is a sensible RPM for a slot car motor (they typically rev about 27,000 on 12v).


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          Originally posted by FunStuffOnly View Post
          Are you running the SCX Vette with the upgraded motor at 10 volts?
          Between 9 and 10 vdc. It is the low voltage that makes the normal SCX motors such casual performers.

          Our club runs 42b powered cars with magnets for IROC at 13 volts and they perform well at that voltage. In fact, two of the cars had the 42b motors removed and replaced with 4H ones. They were rockets, though one of them ground to a screeching halt after only two heats (which is 2 minutes of racing). We think it threw a winding.

          I don't anticipate that being an issue at 9-10 volts and in my case, find the motor to have been worth the expenditure.



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            Yeah, the 42b (and other SCX motors) tend to drop off kind of suddenly when their voltage is low. The 4H is happier at lower voltages than the others, and it's quite a performer. I think my favorite SCX motor may be the Pro, the one that came in the first of the ProAudis. Low voltage, standard SCX motors, and 150 feet of track might add up to a little boredom. But the Pro and the 4H will change that, for sure.


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              10v .... 12 V


              Like to know why you run at 10 volts. An RX-42 at 12v will probably be the same as a RX-4H at 10v.