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SCX Club Car 2015

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  • SCX Club Car 2015

    Today the Spanish SCX club members have received this email with the car that we will get this year:


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    That's a beauty.

    Unfortunately, I'm quite sure that SCX is only offering it in the Spanish market exclusively.

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      I'd get one if I could. Anyone know how to register and have shipped to USA?



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        Originally posted by chouinam View Post
        I'd get one if I could. Anyone know how to register and have shipped to USA?


        If you read the details on the SCX site, they specifically say they won't ship it out of country and you can't even join the club unless you live in Spain.

        These are the times I do miss SCX Worldwide.

        And to comment further on the Cuda; I really do love this particular paint job. I think it's the best they've done on a Club Car based on all the previous one's that I own. I guess I'll scope out eBay in the coming months if someone decides to sell one (although I won't buy if the price is outrageous).

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          When I published this post I was sure that USA fans would love this car....

          Being member of Scalextric Club (SCX Club) in Spain costs 46.89€ (annual fee) and this includes the Club Car and 4 very small magazines received during each quarter of the year (that are not worth)

          You can find here the subscription form:

          but as LDFan has commented I think it is not possible to use it if you live outside of Spain.

          What I can offer to some you (just to a couple of people) is the possibility of, if you send me the payment in advance, subscribing using the name of my children (I'm already a subscriber) and once I'll get the cars sending them to you.

          Car availability is planned for end of March but I guess that till May-June we won't receive them.


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            A great looking car.
            I've checked the Scalextric(SCX) site before to see how I can get a club car.
            I miss the SCX-Worldwide site.
            My wife was in Spain a few months ago and brought me back a couple of special Scalextric(SCX) cars.

            Juan. You have a PM.


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              Great looking car...
              I wonder why it has SCX on the front fender if it is only intended for Spain??
              Or is this available in other parts of Europe too?


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                My Spanish Scalextric/SCX 2015 club car arrived today..!
                A big thank you to Juan Luis for helping a few of us obtain these cars.
                It only took 12 days shipping. I'm impressed.
                The car looks very nice.

                Thanks again to our new friend Juan Luis.



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                  I got mine yesterday from Juan as well. Love the paint job on this car and surprisingly it is a lighted model (not typical of most Cudas).

                  Many thanks to him for volunteering to make this happen.



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                    Graham, Dave, I'm glad to know that you like the car... I was completely convinced from the very beginning that this club car will be more estimated either in USA and Canada than in Europe.

                    I guess and this is just a personal opinion that SCX have produced a limited stock of those cars and, in the future it will be very difficult to find them. So take care of them


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                      Got mine today!
                      Would not have been possible without our fellow
                      slotter in Spain! Awesome car. Having a VERRY hard time
                      controlling myself to keep it in it's case!
                      Thanks again
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                        Go ahead, let it out.


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                          Hello Juan, I live in France, do you think it would be possible to have one of these beauties ?