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  • SCX pro nascar

    Boy, I sure would like to see SCX reissue the Pro kit with a plain white body and avoid any NASCAR licensing it a generic stock car racer. You could then paint and livery it to your hearts content with stuff from Pattos or Jim Heller. I think you could sell a bunch of them at about $45 or so. Make it a COT Gen 6 version with a spoiler instead of the stupid "wing-thing". It would sure help entrants for the Da Vols Cup Nascar Proxy series.

    Just my grumpy old man opinion.
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    I would do a couple of them!


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      I don't like painting and detailing, but anything to get them to make more Pro kits would be great.


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        They will never get enough licensed liveries to please everyone. I think a white-body kit that they can keep updated would be a good seller. I'd buy one....or 7


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          Love the idea, but I don't see it happening anytime soon...

          NASCAR owns the body style (shape) of the cars, therefore, you still have licensing for just the body. Now, if they just made a generic stock car body would they sell enough? The newest cars (Gen 6) is actually different per manufacturer, with only the roof and deck lid as a standard part for every car. Would you still buy it if you can only get a Chevy?


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            I gotta ask ... how can you own a shape? Does NASCAR really have their copyright to those things so tightly written as to include this? I think a white 'generic' body (or two or three) would be a great idea, particularly on an advanced chassis like the SCX Pro cars.


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              You could make it generic.....

              ....if you used a Toyota based hood, Chevy based driver area and a Ford Trunk....and, nobody, not even NASCAR, could figure that one out. I am thinking something like the Artin stockers, only a bit better made and fitted to the SCX Pro Nascar chassis and running gear. I doubt if Artin paid any licensing fees to NASCAR for their cars.