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How does SCX attach cars to display base?

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  • How does SCX attach cars to display base?

    I recently bought my 1st SCX car, the number 48 Dan Gurney 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda. It came without the screw (or whatever SCX uses) to attach the car to the base. Can anyone tell me how SCX attaches cars to the base (in this case the # 63580 Gurney ‘Cuda) and how I can get this attachment piece (screw?)? Does anyone have one laying around they don't need?

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    No SCX'ers can answer this?


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      There are two pieces. One is an outer sleeve with a couple of barbed tabs on top. Sleeve is in case bottom and car snaps onto barbed tabs. Part two is a peg inserted into the sleeve from underneath that keeps the tabs spread apart, locking the car onto the tabs. Peg needs a 1/4 turn to dislodge it from the sleeve. Best tool I've found for the job is a penny.