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Revisiting the Audi R-8C Pro

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  • Revisiting the Audi R-8C Pro

    Five years ago when I first made the switch to 1/32 scale and was running on Scalextric sport track I bought one of these SCX Audis and ended up very frustrated with it as I couldn't get it to perform on my plastic track. I ended up scavenging parts from it and gave away the body. I've been running on a routed wood track for about three years now and when I saw one on ebay for a good price I decided to give it another go. After putting a set of Paul Gage urethanes on it and switching the motor pod to one that would accept a FC 130 motor I find this car competitive with my other LMP cars.

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    Nice looking car ! Our experience, installing Paul's tires on "all" our cars improved racing experience 3-fold + Our favorite styles are the GTP cars, a little harder to tweak to run fast, smooth, but when they get setup correctly, they fly.