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SCX motor pod

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  • SCX motor pod

    If this is the wrong place for this, I'm sorry. I can't figure out how to post it in the new B/S/T area. Does anyone know of a 3d print shop that makes the entire motor pod for the SCX cars, to use FC-130 OR FK-180 motors and aftermarket bushings? There has to be someone out there making this or that has at least tried.

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    No worries

    Buy Sell Trade, with a 'WTB' Thread launched, is the best way to try and find something that you know exists, but haven't been able to get your hands on.

    Among our Advertisers, I would be checking out Devis3D Designs LLC, and/or go to the site and put 'SCX' in their search engine; I know they make an HRS type chassis specifically for SCX applications, and 3D/Shapeways Print Shop has to be worth a look!


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      I Googled 'SCX FC-130' and you should, too.

      A leading item there was this article right here on SCI!


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        Slot.It makes an adaptor to put an FC-130 motor in place of the stock SCX motor.

        I'm sure Alan has one in his store.

        The Slot.It part is SP08.


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          Thanks for the replies. Not exactly what I was looking for, but thanks. Again I am sorry that I did not post in the proper area. I had made several attempts to post in the buy sell trade area with no success, hence the post.

          Anyway, the part wasn't what I was looking for. I do thank you for taking the time to reply.


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            SCX also has a new motor pod for the RK series motors. I am going to try one and see how it fits the FC-130 cans compared to the older RX style pods. These can be found on the auction site from a seller that imports SCX to the USA.