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US SCX Tech Contact!

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  • US SCX Tech Contact!

    here's a contact in the USA (Ohio) for all your SCX tech needs

    "Please send to all .
    My name is Bryan Young, I have worked in the hobby business for more than 10 years.
    I am the new SCX tech support here in the US. if you have any problems please call or email with you problems.

    Problems with the 4, 5, 6 car is bad central unit which SCX will replace free of charge. thank you.

    The Control unit in the 10040 Nascar set and 10030 Basic set will not talk to the Control unit in the 10040 Pit Box set and 25000 Control unit set.
    SCX will replace these units FREE OF CHARGE

    Phone: 877-729-2099

    Bryan Young"

    looks like there may have been a change??

    Our correct technical service address is
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    Scx Tech

    Bryan, if you're out there, Welcome to SCI. Hope we don't make pests of ourselves. THANK YOU & SCX for your help and support. From all SCX Digital users and fellow Slotheads here at SCI; WELCOME ABOARD!!!

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      SCX Plans

      You got any free scx track planer software for us SCX junkies. Proof of purchase if nessary


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        No Response from SCX USA Support!!

        I have contacted both email addresses listed regarding problems with a new set.

        I have not received a reply. Is there SCX tch support in the USA anymore????


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          SCX USA Reply

          Bryan did get back to me today and is sending out replacement parts.
          Thank you Bryan.


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            What support?

            Have emailed Bryan several times and finally received a response on a defective car. I was told it would be replaced. Never received a replacement and followed up but no one responds to my emails. I am going to switch to Scaley. Not impressed with SCX.

            Is that like jumping out of the frying pan and into the oven?


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              Brian has backed up his product every step of the way for me , if email dosent work I just call him direct . So far so good thanks SCX .


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                Bryan & SCX Support is fantastic! Don't forget to check out Bryan's tech support videos.



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                  I try to help all customers, some email's do fall through the cracks, for that I am sorry.
                  please re-email me this week end I am in my office all weekend



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                    Sorry for the delayed in getting back with you please re email and note this email.


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                      nascar tires: what is the size and where can i get them, new to hobby


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                        BRYAN DOES IT AGAIN!

                        We were one car down because of a broken swivel clip and Brian at SCX came through for me and my kids by sending not one - but several replacement clips! (good thing too... we had a second clip break shortly thereafter)

                        Words cannot adequately convey how satisfied I am with SCX thanks to Bryan Young. In my opinion, he is the #1 reason to remain confident in the product even with its flaws. Anyone getting into this hobby now - do not let some of the product snags get you down and stop you from SCX Digital. It is a unique racing system, a total blast, and on top of it all, any problems are dealt with swiftly thanks to one man. (let's hope he stays with the company for a long, long time)

                        AAA, 5-STAR, THANK YOU BRYAN YOUNG


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                          Brian has been fantastic. He quickly solved my problem with my pitbox staight not registering laps. He sent a new one straight away. Thanks Brian you are great.


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                            Power Supply for Europe?


                            I am about to purchase an SCX digital set and take the plunge. I am moving to Ireland in a few months and want to take my set with me. I know they sell these units in the UK/Ireland and I imagine all I need to convert my set is a UK power supply?

                            Is there anything else I'd need to 'convert' my setup?

                            Can you provide part # and/or ordering information for a UK power supply



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                              I'm working on getting you an answer John.



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