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New Slot it models on the horizon

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    big YES on chappy 2d
    and a cobra daytona would be fantastic


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      Lola T-260? Yes please!

      Originally posted by Alcopa View Post
      How about the Lola T-260 --now that would make a Slot Car!! I think wheelbase very close to Ferrari 312PB ---


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        What the !!!

        Well I guess, I better hold off buying any un painted white kits and Decals till I find out for sure what is being made buy Slot it.


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          Slot it

          I see new liveries on old cars, not new models.



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            Slotcar-Today reports new cars at the toy show.
            Of particular note is a Chaparral 2F. While it will nice to have one that runs with my GT40s, MRRC already has one. That 2D would have been a better choice IMO.
            If the powers that be are reading this - do the first 2F in the Targa Florio livery (and include the one-off rearview mirror). That livery has never been done.


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              If the marketing trend continues, you can expect the first release of a new car/body to be in the least desirable of its' possible liveries -so with the 2F, I expect maybe the second car from LeMans and it will be a couple of years till we get the Brands Hatch winner --

              This makes sense from getting us to buy them - I'm sure there are a bunch of 008 Gulf-Astons out there - when 007 would be the obvious best-seller. Although we did get the LeMans winning Matra 670B first -so maybe just a toss of the coin...

              Regardless, I just buy em!!