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  • R8C Audi gears

    Just got the Audi R8c 2018 or 17 says it on the blue motor. Its an angle winder ( I should not have as I'm not familiar with them ). I need this basic info: does a bigger pinion gear increase top speed? If true then.... A smaller crown gear would also make the top speed increase? Ok on to the main question our new wood track is open in Daytona Beach FL. Its sweet and smooooth I need a bit more speed any ideas. It takes a certain type crown gear. Stock set up is: motor - SIMN09ch. crown gear - GA26LH. pinion gear - PI6711o.

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    Great to see you testing out the latest cars. The gear on the rear axle on an angle-winder is called a Spur Gear and the smaller the higher the top speed. Reverse on the pinion the larger the higher top speed. But remember taller gearing means less brake.
    We run the black motor here as more top end. For fast tracks the black can makes the LMP cars come alive. we run 12:26 and run Scaleauto sponge tires. SC-2007. We run the 6.75 or 7.00mm pinion as this allows you to fit the pinion further on the motor so allowing the rear wheels to be inside the bodywork. For high grip tracks the white pod is the best to use.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Thanks for the reply.

      The new track (owner is Greg Walker) Is long with banks with a little tight stuff but fast for the most part. This Audi R8c has the "long hub"? There is some deference in the pinion too I think (diameter) would that change anything as far as the set up you guys run? Just looking for a starting point for my set up. Do you guys run deeper guides for the wood track. I need some deeper ones for a scalex as well. If you have any for them both let me know and I'll get them. One more thing what does the 12:26 mean?
      Thanks again, Wet.
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        As in real life, taller tires also increase top end speed.
        I've put taller tires on many (, NSR, etc.) of my cars. This seems to have more effect on top speed on a plastic chassied car, where the gears a severely limited by chassis design.



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          Originally posted by wetspot View Post
          One more thing what does the 12:26 mean?Thanks again, Wet.
          That's a 12 tooth pinion gear with a 26 tooth spur gear. This would give you (reaches for calculator) a ratio of 2.16666 final drive. Lotsa top speed from that tall gearing, not so much brakes though. The other Wet.


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            Thanks mike and the other
            Great idea Mike I'll have to give that a try. I guess I'll get some sponge tires like I see some of the other guys running. I guess thats the "hot setup".
            Wet.....dang that dawned on me after I read through the post a few times... I still got alot to learn. Thanks for taking the time to give me the info!