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  • Update site !

    When, if ever,will the website be updated ? The latest I see is Dec 2017

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    When are you going to update your slot it website been like a year now?


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      I agree ! Do something.


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        You are absolutely right. I have good news though: site is being totally rewritten and will be available in, say, a couple of months, maybe (I hope) sooner. We will start internal beta testing in 2 weeks time.

        Yes I'm serious.


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            Thank you Mr. Ferrari.


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              I'd be willing to do testing from this side if you wish.


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                Website vs. Facebook

                Yes, thanks Mr. Ferrari!! I sometimes think that 'Facebook' takes first of place with manufacturers -maybe as its easier to post - and see feedback...??

                While I'm here; just like to put in another plea for the 1972 Alfa T-33's---- and, of course, the Ford C-100. Can't believe that I just got a 3D chassis to convert an MRRC Chappy 2F... Would you like to to tell you what else I'm converting so you can plan the line for 2020???


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                  Going on 4 months and still nothing and no updates on Facebook either


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                    Gentlemen, work is under way, but it's a big task. We are running much later than we had hoped for, but we've had a meeting with the designer today as well.
                    It will not happen all at once - I mean, before we migrate all sections of the old site to the new one, there will still be a link to the 'old site'.
                    We expect to go live end of May.

                    As for the T33 and C100, these cars are on the wish list.

                    However, after two very difficult years with a lot of issues with factories, with serious production and tooling issues, we have streamlined the process and we can finally get products, and move new designs forward:

                    As of today, we have the following models being either arriving, designed or tooled

                    Ferrari P4 - cars in transit to Italy, finally. ETA May
                    Mercedes 190 - tooling complete and delivered. In production
                    Ferrari F1 312 B2 - tooling being made - still hope to have it by the end of the year
                    Maserati GT3 and GT4 - tooling being made - same as above
                    Generic single seat racer, 2019 F1 style - design ready, files sent to toolmaker
                    Chaparral 2F - design ready, files sent to toolmaker
                    Nissan Skyline R32 - Design possibly finished, waiting for 1st 3D prototype (next week). ETA 2020
                    Jaguar XJR10 - 11 - design 95% complete, ETA 2020

                    Of course in the meanwhile we have now finished the moulds for Policar R3 and R4. The whole 8 lanes system will be available before the summer is over.

                    Thank you for your patience.


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                      Hey Maurizio, thanks for finding the time to provide this update. Holy smoke, you have a lot of irons in the fire!


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                        Maurizio has posted that Site upsate is progressing and they are beta testing parts of the update right now.

                        Please understand most Companies in this Industry are not massive organizations with IT Staff on hand to get these projects done quickly.

                        I know first hand the issues I face with SCI and my Company Sites take Months to move forward. Could be much quicker if a lot of capital was available for development. But the fact is this Industry right now is not creating huge sales.

                        I know will get this work done while also developing their Track System, plus releasing new models.

                        Keep the faith, the people behind are working on this as quickly as they can.
                        Alan Smith
                        SCI Owner.



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                          Working with clients and their e-commerce sites, I go thru what Maurizio is going thru and.... it's not pretty. So patience - and yes, slinging stuff on FB is easier and quicker -which is why it may have become the preferred communication method with many of our favorite producers.... Thanks again -- I'll be broke again soon enough!!!


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                            Once you have your catalog as a PDF the quickest thing to do is put it on a sharing site like Google Drive and link to it there. I do documents in Word that include hyperlinks to other parts of the document or to parts of the document that might be hidden until a link was clicked. When the document is saved as a PDF those links are preserved and the document can look like a website.


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                              That might be fine for basic data in a catalogue which requires only periodic updating, but just does not work for large websites with multiple uses Rich

                              1) The size of the file and need to download latest versions constantly is impractical for many connections
                              2) Your "site" becomes unsearchable for data in the way bots troll to provide search data for the web
                              3) It becomes unsearchable simply because Google requires all indexed websites to have "mobile friendly" coding or you get struck off the search engine
                              4) The sheer scale of web site updating, multiple links and complex structures means that something as ponderous as a single file on google docs is unmanageable
                              5) The complexities even of using php versus old fashioned html, let alone all the add-in script tools, patches, and in-page video, animated GIFs etc that are used for dynamic web sites, cannot be replicated in a document.

                              Add in an e-commerce back-end for distributors and you move into the 4th dimension.