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    The new site goes live Monday - news item from
    Ladies and Gentlemen, the NEW site is going LIVE next Monday, Aug 5th!
    It took us a long time as it's not a cosmetic job but a completely rewrite.
    Being so new, it will not only be great, shiny, and attractive, but it will also come with bugs, issues, omissions that we ask you please to let us know and be patient with.
    This is the first step. We're working now on the SPARES section which takes a large chunk of the site. For now, if you go to the spares site you can download the spares catalogue. Over the time, each part in the catalogue will come with its own separate description and PDF sheet.


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      It's up and working!!


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        WOW - the new site works tremendously! My first experience just now was fantastic - I was able to read every page I wanted and it came up quickly. Looks Great! I was able to find wheel inserts with pictures and what cars they fit on so I can order some too!!


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          How about that, they did something!

          In case you haven't encountered it, here's the latest catalogue/website/thing to find out what's going on there these days.

          There's quite a bit going on, by the look of it. Check out the Policar racing cars, as well as their track system.

          Plus their 3D shop is worth a look if that's your kind of slot car building.

          Heck, there's even some new cars!
          It sure took 'em a while, though ...