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  • To brake or not

    I have a new SCP 3 controller with the high current cartridge . Loaded the latest firmware to it and having trouble with the controller on my HO track that’s not wired for brakes. Does this controller need the brake wired? I’m still using the stock terminal track and plug that I cut the controller from. Thanks!

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    Yes. It needs all three.


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      As none of the start tracks worked on my old Strombecker track I hard wired it and wired it for brakes while I was at it. They worked great. There are many simple schematics available online, just print one and follow it.


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        Yep. Time to make some big boy hook ups


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          There are two possible ways to wire a track with brakes, the difference is the way that electricity will be going through your controllers. Resistor controllers will work with either wiring scheme, but most electronic controllers are fussy about that. There are positive and negative polarity slot tracks, 1/32nd club style tracks are mostly positive polarity while all of the plastic set type tracks, except Policar, are negative polarity. HO club tracks are also positive polarity. Be aware that 1/43rd, 1/32nd, and 1/24th tracks have the positive rail on the right looking in the direction of travel while HO tracks have it on the left.

          Note that you can change the polarity by swapping the wires that connect to the power supply and the ones that go to the track rails. The cars will still run in the same direction.
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            I’ll be hard wiring hook ups as well as using the track mate timing system. Just not enough time! Thanks for the answers!


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