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  • What do I do next?

    I have completed constructing the table and settled on layout design. Purchased all of the Oxigen hardware that I think I need to get started. If I plan on using wireless controllers should I not even bother installing driver station around the table or are they a good thing to have on your layout just in case? I am anxious to get started but I don't want to work against myself!!

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    If you have all SCP3 controllers, and plan to install batteries into them, then there's no reason to have driver stations for power, but you might find it convenient to put up some controller holders around the track or wherever you expect drivers to stand.

    Since you said "all the hardware I need" I'll assume you have the USB dongle for race management, the magnets needed to put under the track for lap counting and pit in/out, as well as chips to install in your cars, and a good power supply to connect to the track. I'd also suggest wire for making power taps so ensure good power all around your track.

    If you've reviewed the oXigen base description manual, then you probably already know all that stuff.

    Happy to help with any specific questions.


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      Thanks I will reach out to you if I have a question. I've been really talking up Oxigen to my analog group so I've got to deliver.


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        Ooh... that's a tall order. Even if the system is perfect, it's going to be a crash fest. Even experienced analog racers are like newbies to slot cars when they're required to watch out for cars in their lane (ahead or behind), or avoid changing lanes into a car next to them... not to mention pit lane stuff. If I had any recommendations, it would be to leave out the pit lane stuff at first, and maybe dial back the power a bit so that they can get used to driving with a much wider field of attention, not just on their own car going as fast as possible.

        And don't take it the wrong way if most of them don't like it and don't want to do it again, ESPECIALLY if they've been racing analog for very long. Old dogs, and all that. ;-)

        Hopefully, you have a few people who understand how their driving needs to change when they have to share the lane with other cars, and want to get in deeper with pit lane stuff.


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          Just having to use SCP controllers will be a deterrent for some of them. It might be a good idea to share my SCP basics video with them, or make up a simple diagram describing the function of each knob or something, so that they can easily come to grips with changing the settings to their liking.


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