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    Hi Brumos RSR & Company,

    Super Tires appreciates hearing from racers regarding their accomplishments with Super Tires over the past years. Thanks guys!

    As far as Super Tires sponsoring proxy races with Super Tires for every racer, we have done it before and may do it again. We have sponsored many races in both H.O. and 1/32 scale over the years and plan to continue to do so.

    I no longer have the time, energy or ability to build a proxy race car personally. I was never much of a car builder/racer, my interest is in making tires that don’t fall apart after only a few races. I could never understand why racers should have to pay too much money for something that was an inferior product so I decided to do something about it. That’s really why Super Tires exists, because I want racers to get the best tire for the best price.

    I enjoy reading the race results and the picks and jabs that the racers do before and after the race. There is nothing more entertaining than having a group of racers that have known each other for a while and can handle some “creative criticism” between them.


    Team Super Tires


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      I'm truly happy to hear that tires are your passion and that you enjoy the banter and your enthusiasm for following proxies. I hope that we continue to entertain you for many years to come. Now back to our serious toys


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        I host the SCI Touring Car proxy and there have been 4 rounds so far this year, each one won by Radarek's car running Yellow Dogs. Not only has his car won but it has won by a healthy margin ahead of the rest of the field of 21 cars. It's a magic car to drive and rightly deserves to be leading this proxy. It also holds the outright lap record on my track when I tried it last week after Round 4 (which was held on a track painted with Ferrodore). When I first got Radarek's car it did 10.47 on my track, after Round 4 it did 9.45.

        Ferrodore is a slightly abrasive paint containing metal particles (the Sydney Harbour Bridge is painted with it) and it's great for putting the final finish on tyres because the tyres are worn perfectly, under racing conditions.

        Because I've never run Yellow Dogs I ordered some a few weeks ago and the first car I tried them on (Fly BMW M1) lowered its best lap time on my track from 10.9 to 10.3 seconds. The next night it won its race on a commercial track.

        I know there are a lot of factors contributing to Radarek’s outstanding performance but it’s too hard to ignore the contribution made by its tyres, especially when my car took .6 seconds off its best time just by fitting Yellow Dogs.

        I’m a great believer in cars being equal in a proxy but tyre choice can make a big difference to performance. Pick the wrong tyres and your car is stuck at the bottom of the field for the entire proxy. If Radarek’s car does well on all 12 tracks in the proxy I’ll look at having Yellow Dogs as the control tyre next year.




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          A great thread for new proxy racers to read. The real facts both now and in the past. Team Super Tires


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            Paul, that is why my Taxi had YellowDogs on all four corners.


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              Hi Arrold, Super Tires Nick has been following almost all of the Proxy races in the last 10 years. I think that you are the most improved builder in the last 2 years. Thanks for trying to keep Super Tires Yellow Dogs in the Devols Proxy Program. We helped sponsor the race when it originally started. The HRW politicians racers/builders group along with their control freak leader pushes us out of the program stating that they have a hard time ordering tires. Fact is Super Tires can only lose if they are not invited to the program. Super Tires sponsored lots of races in the past and would like to do more.


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                WOW it has been awhile since I have posted on SCI, it feels nice.

                About 6? years ago, with the help of CGYRacer, I took over organizing the Group 5 proxy (currently the GT3 series) and we also recently launched the World Championship Proxy series. We hosted the Group 5 series here on SCI and had very good support form Alan and the SCI users. The proxy grew from strength to strength, however when it became more difficult to manage the proxy on SCI due to some technical issues and limited viewership at the time, we felt the need to move the series to the HRW forum.

                Although CGYRacer (Rob) and his fellow Kelowna Slot Car Club mates almost exclusively use Yellow Dog tyres at their club and I have often ordered YD tyres from Nick myself, the proxies we manage run on rubber tyres. This is for a number of reasons, but it has nothing to do with the forum we host the event on, neither SCI or HRW influenced our decision in anyway.

                Have fun and race hard!



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                  Thanks NIck. I just know what has worked for me. I have noticed over the last 2 years more proxies specifying rubber tires. Some say rubber and urethane don't play well together. In testing I have run a rubber tire and a urethane tire, in the same lane, with no drop off in performance. Then again I run on Scaley-Sport. It may be different on wood tracks.


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