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    I was speaking to Nick yesterday and he mentioned that he was just about done restocking his most popular tires and would now have time to do some special orders. For the most part Super Tires are black and I only use black tires on my own cars. There are some HO tires that come in different colors, but I can't recall any 1/32nd scale tires that have been anything but black. I know that a few clubs use a spec tire and it is a lot easier to do that if the tires are marked in some way. The entire tire can be some color other than black or there can be a colored dot added to the inner sidewall of a black tire.
    If you want custom tires made you can contact Super Tires directly. You would have to buy an entire pour, that would be more tires of the same size than most individuals would need.

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    Could Nick give us some guidance on how big an order would need to be to be worth his time? I'd be more interested in the dollars than the tire count.

    Would he be able to produce 1/32nd tires in the Silver Edition compound he has been using in HO?

    Ed Bianchi


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      NSR do Red or Grey Evo tyres for 1/32...I've tried the Reds and they're great tyres but a pig to true!


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        The Silver Edition tires are silicone and thus far are only offered in a few HO sizes. If you wanted specially colored or marked versions of the 1/32nd tires that are currently sold you would have to buy 12 pairs of the same size and I believe that would be $96 plus shipping.


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